Smartthings app update (android) date 20/03/2021

Today we got another 16mb update. Only thing i saw so far is that in the linked services, i can see the smartthings-cli.

I noticed 16mb but then read this, no visible changes jump out to me though
Still no link to attached automations per device

Hey Mike, how are you? I have a theory lately that they add the code in the app prior to actual changes, and make the changes appear once the changes in the backend have been completed without any updates for the app required. Could be wrong though.

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Well thank you Andreas, I wish the updates were more server side than constantly updated from an app store but I guess there is only so much that can be done server side

Just to add to the confusion, my update came from the Galaxy Store. It first showed a 16 Mb download was happening, and then it appeared in the Updates section as a 79 Mb update.

I spoke with a Samsung rep so that we can get some more info on what is going on. Let’s see if we get anything out of it

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I’ve been seeing that for quite a while now.

Haven’t noticed before to be honest

Here in the UK we were given access to SmartLabs. Have you checked to see if this is what they’ve given you guys? (It’s under the 3 dots icon in Smartapps)

It was activated in the UK several days ago, so well before this latest update.

Yes on the 4th March here, but the update your referring too isn’t available for us yet so unsure whats going on. We are still on with no updates avail

Where are you located ? I’m in the UK and using 64.21 , as stated by Graham above, uk has had the update for a few days now and labs was available well before

Hi Mike, I’m in Cardiff, on android on an S10+ and no updates on playstore or Aptoide.
Re labs, I just thought they may have been rolling it out wider.
I was part of the other thread where a few of us wrote to Samsung to get them to widen the introduction out to include other countries.

Check your smartthings country. I live in Cyprus but my country in ST is UK

Nope lol all setup correctly as the UK

Something strange just happened. My Smartthings app shutdown and when I rechecked version numbers I’m now getting different version numbers in app compared to the app store.

Google Plaý still lists the old version for me. My new version came from the Galaxy Store. It never used to have a version for my phone but that changed a few releases ago. Sometimes it has it several days before Google Play, sometimes weeks later.

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Looks like you auto updated from the Galaxy store, different carriers, versions of devices, wind direction, who knows

Andreas usually gets his updates at least a week before me and he is in Cyprus, on this occasion we recieved the update almost same time

Strange, mine lists latest vers Graham

I guess the latest version still wasn’t ready for me on Google Play. I usually get it a few days after I first read about it here unless the Galaxy Store intervenes.

The latest version is showing for me today, though the update date is still shown as 4th March.

I have this version installed, no SmartApps, no lock codes, no automation for locks

is there an apk for an older version of smartthings that incluse smartlocks or allows the smartlock smartapp to be installed?