SHM custom monitoring rule & Unable to clear SMS field

I’ve got two questions about SHM custom monitoring rules.

  1. I’ve got a rule to detect when the overhead garage door has been open for more than 3 mins. In an odd scenario, I have a tilt sensor that was already in place (previous security system) but I just added the Linear GD00Z garage door opener/tilt sensor. So when I select which sensors to use in the rule, I have selected both. My question is, will the rule treat those as an “AND” or an “OR”? In other words, will the rule require both sensors to show the door open or if just one of them shows it open will that set the rule off? I guess I can yank the battery in one to test this, but curious how these work in general. I do realize it is a bit overkill, but I didn’t buy the sensor so I figured I might as well have a backup.

  2. This very same rule was originally configured to send a push notification and a text message due to ST’s lack of multi-user support. Now that they fixed that, the second phone is already getting push notifications so I’d like to remove the texting aspect. No matter how many times I go through the rule and erase the phone number, it doesn’t ever seem to save it. It doesn’t appear that I can delete it via the IDE either. Anyone else have this issue?


People are reporting the inability to clear fields to us for SmartTiles too, so apparently this is affecting multiple SmartApps.

Could you let me know your mobile OS and make sure you are on latest App? And open a case with


I have experienced this issue with every smartapp that I have used that has the texting option (SHM, Presence Alerts, Notify Me When, etc…). While I have not been able to erase the number, I have been able to replace a full phone number with just one number. Thus, effectively disabling the text messaging from the app.

I have opened Support Ticket Ticket #157504; on behalf of SmartTiles, but encourage everyone to do the same. SmartThings resolutions are partially prioritized by number of people reporting the issue.

@slagle: You can merge this Topic with the other (or vice versa) at your discretion. Thank-you.

So I got a response from Support (agent name withheld), who marked the Status as “SOLVED”. Insanity.

I reopened the Ticket #157504, with a response asking for when solution deployment is expected.

Hey Terry,
Thanks for reporting this. This is something we noticed about the same time. The more reports, the better, though, so thanks.
Reach out again anytime.

SmartThings Support

Sorry for my delay in responding, but in my case, I’m not using a SmartApp for this. It is just a custom monitoring rule in the Smart Home Monitor. Unless the SHM is itself a SmartApp, I’m not sure I’ve got the same issue. I’ll get a support case opened regardless.

Yes… SHM is a SmartApp. . … That has access to some APIs that we can’t put in our own SmartApps.

Gotcha. I eventually gave up and just removed the phone # from an iPhone (which worked fine), but still submitted a support ticket. Mine is #159204 if you care.

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