Android 2.0.7 - Release Notes

SmartThings Android 2.0.7 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. In addition we worked on design polish, navigation flow improvements, copy changes. Notable feature improvements and bug fixes are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • Updated the slider for lighting controls
  • Add text labels to menu icons at bottom of screen
  • Change reference of ‘Uninstall’ throughout the app to ‘Remove’
  • Removed “shop” link from context menu
  • Location Name in Header will now be listed as ‘My Home’ instead of the location name
  • Visual clean-up of sizing, spacing of lines, fonts, and icons
  • Confirmation message added when smartapps are successfully created/saved
  • Confirmation message added when new paired device is configured
  • BMW Apps and MINI Connected ready. Please install additionally the latest BMW or MINI Connected App from the Google Play Store

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed, user can change a room image, but can’t unset it.
  • Fixed, Routine checkmark does not disappear after user executes Routine
  • Fixed, the Phone Number field for text notifications cannot be erased
  • Fixed, users cannot add or remove devices to rooms
  • Fixed, Smart Lights Crashes when configuring too quickly
  • Fixed, deleting device/smartapp used by routine causes an error to occur
  • Fixed, changing device name layers previous name over new name
  • Fixed, initial config screen in Device Getting Started Experience doesn’t display newly added room under “Select a Room”
  • Fixed, Activity Feed for SmartSense motion Temp is showing in the wrong format
  • Fixed, the temperature symbol doesn’t display properly with Ecobee
  • Fixed, in SmartApp preference, user cannot enter a negative number to a temperature field
  • Fixed, install a solution module that is incomplete bring users back to the dashboard and uninstalls it

NB: This bug affected more than just Phone Number fields. I will test to confirm if the plain text fields SmartTiles uses for input of URL’s for Video Feeds and Off-Dashboard Links are also fixed.

EDIT: Seems fixed to me. I can’t reproduce the problem. Thanks!!!

Here was the original reported issue:


Ouch, this update has some good and some bad…

-Text below icons at bottom, no more explaining to my wife and kids what they mean.
-Much faster, hasn’t crashed yet.
-Like the horizontal slider in multiTile for lighting, much easier to use.

-MultiTile type “thermostat” is now just a “?” where before it “worked” without any extended functionality. This is a huge step backwards.
-Getting “There may be problems with your network” errors loading things view or marketplace
-Samsung SmartCam UI now has a gray box where the play icon was after pressing it. It disappears after a few seconds. (Might be a “stop” icon? but just looks like a gray square.)
-Main section titles were change to Italics? Renders pretty bad on my screen and hard to read.
-Buttons at bottom with new text are very fuzzy, look low res on my hiDPI screen.

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Me too, and just submitted a ticket @slagle. Request #170379. Rest assured my network is doing just fine.


Wow it defiantly has some improved visual affects and performance, but seems to have new bugs.

Confirmed, same issue with mine as well. Then I get the red bar of death.

So @slagle and @jody.albritton do you want us all to open tickets?

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Please open support tickets for all issues.

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Well that’s a step in the wrong direction, no?

Why was this change made? It’s very confusing not knowing what Location is currently active in the App at all times…

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Just to clarify, is that one ticket per issue in the new app or one ticket for each issue we find in the app?

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Agreed, so where it used to tell me what mode I am in, it will now just show Mode Home (which is my location name?)

This seems redundant, since just above the broken spyglass space is the “My Home” which would be an ideal location for my location name.

can’t speak to the functionality and bugs that others are pointing out but I will say for a newbie still learning the labeling/formatting/etc make it easier for me to find my way around since things still aren’t second nature to me just yet.

Not sure i’m folllowing your question but mine says

(actual name of mode I’m in)

so while i am awake it did say “home” but now that i hit my “goodnight” scene and flipped the note to night is says:


sorry for my ignorance- does “broken spyglass” mean its broken as in a bug? Or is that just a description to describe the visual?

I don’t have a mode “Home” so I don’t see what you see. The “Broken Spyglass” is a reference to the broken gradient circle on the image that just seems to take up so much valuable space. Thus I consider it broken.

Maybe this is tied to routines and not just modes.

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gotcha- it is a big wasted space- i kavetched in an earlier thread myself- lol. It should do that thing (in android at least) where it scrolls off the page when you scroll down but as soon as you scroll back up it comes back.

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Yup, and that is why I consider it broken… Works like that on iOS.

Tested new Android App on my Phone and Tablet and still cannot reorder the Devices (Things) in the Room view.


Same issue here on android.

Yup. I even posted the solution to this earlier:


Says a lot of fixes, but why can’t we get reordering within rooms fixed, missed two updates in a row?

I still hate the fact that most sensor type devices still have no colored-graphical status, much easier if the same status graphics from the tiles are shown on the room and things pages, this was all good in version 1.