SHM will not send text/push alert


I have recently added a relay switch to my garage door opener and a sensor to my garage door itself. Both are working as expected. Although the sensor acts up sometimes (stuck at closed when the door open). This could be related to the fact my smartthings hub was sitting next to my WiFi router. I have moved it far.
Now back to the main issue - under SHM, I have set two alerts:

  1. To alert me when garage opens regardless of the mode it is in: Home, Away etc.I entered my phone number as well.
  2. To alert when the garage door stays open for more than 10 minutes and the mode is in Away.

I am not getting any notification whatsoever. Last night, I used an IFTTT applet to trigger a SMS when the garage door opens. I did get that SMS when the door opened. This proves that the sensor on the garage door is working.
Do anyone of you know what is going on here?
Thanks in advance!