Push notification from garage tilt sensor?

I was searching and could not find a way to have a push notification when garage tilt sensor registers “open”. I tried under Smart Home Monitor, created “Custom” rule, but under “what kind of device” I want to set notification, there are no tilt sensor.
Any suggestions?

The best way is use WebCoRE or SmartRules to do this very easily.

I get open/closed notification from my tilt sensor using the “Notify Me When” app under the precanned “Safety & Security” apps in my mobile app. (Note I am still on the classic app, not the new one I keep hearing about.) This app does both Push and SMS, your choice.


thank you guys. Love this forum.

Strange, you should be able to create a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor.

Under what kind of device do you want to use —> select OPEN/Close Sensor and see if your tilt sensor shows in the Select Open/Close Sensors field.
I believe you are atttempting to look for the tilt sensor as an option in the What Kind of device section and you will not find that. You need to use Open/Close.

Using the Classic app of course.


Notify Me When

As @jkp noted, you can do this with a SHM custom monitoring rule. Mine are standard ecolink tilt sensors.

Thank you. I’ll try, as soon as I get new garage sensor, this one for some reason went crazy and only shows “open”.