Can someone explain time constraints in "Smart Home Monitor - Security" SmartApp

Hello Friends. It’s pollen season here in NC, and I thought would set up a rule that notify me if my kids left the Garage door open for more than 5 mins. I also added the same option with my door locks, however, it’s not really responding the way I expect.

For my Door.

I have the monitoring rule set to

What kind of device do you want to use?

  • Open/Close Sensor
  • [The proper sensor selected]

What do you want to Monitor?

  • Lock unlocks
  • For How Long [5 mins]

How Frequently

  • Only Once per day <–this is not checked

More Options

  • Only when mode is [I HAVE ALL MODES CHECKED]
  • Only during certain time <—nothing selected
  • Only on certain days of the week <-----nothing selected

The way I would expect this to work, is that if my door is unlocked for 5+mins, I would get a notification, but I get nothing at all. Can someone help me understand the logic here? Thanks!

I used the “Notify me When” app instead.

Hi @adawalli. I’m in NC as well, Raleigh area, and I can attest to the pollen around here. I have a healthy supply of Claritin at the ready to get me through this season…

Anyway, I do exactly what you do for my doors and locks except I do not have any mode checked. It’s been working great for me, but with today’s incidents, it may be causing the issues you’re experiencing.

So to test that theory, I unlocked and opened one of my doors. I should have received an alert after 10 minutes of being unlocked and and another for being open. I got nothing at all!

Since I’ve had these SHM rules in place for some time working very well, I’d suspect that the current incidents with ST are impacting us.

Since I’m trying to keep as much functionality within ST’s SHM and Smart Lighting, I’ll persist until I revert to having to use something like Notify Me or Rule Machine.

So, I just went into the IDE again and refreshed the SHM rules, and opened the door again. Here’s the detail and when the notification should trigger: (scheduled jobs)

I didn’t get a notification again, but the rule ran because here’s how it looks now: (note the job history)

I’m still going to submit a support ticket to ST (, but I have a feeling our issues are somehow related to all the incidents going on right now.

@johnconstantelo where is the ide are jobs listed?

It looks like similar actions can be setup in shm or as a routine.

Is there any functional differences between the 2?

Thanks in advance for the info

Hi @professordave,

No problem. You can find this under My Locations in the IDE. Scroll all the way down, and you’ll see “List SmartApps”.

SHM, Routines, and Smart Lighting each fill certain use cases, and can overlap. I suggest experimenting to see which works best. I know that’s not a very specific answer you were looking for, but I’m mobile right now and can’t type a lot at the moment.

Thanks for the info. That what I was looking for, like, in terms of local or not they are the same. Just use the one that makes sense for the specific situation.

Thanks again

Thanks! I spoke with ST chat yesterday, and the very helpful agent could see my callbacks registering, but notifications were never firing. He said it didn’t have anything to do with the issues from yesterday. There are some known issues in SHM dealing specifically with callbacks. He is going to email when they resolve it. I ending up writing my own smartapp to do exactly what I want and it works perfectly!

Hey guys, here is my first cut at a smart app to handle this scenario. Works with contacts and locks. Supports multiples of each contact and lock. Wouldn’t mind some feedback!