Samsung TVs now appearing in Add a Thing in UK

My Smartthings app is now showing the option to add Samsung Smart TV as a thing, pretty sure this has only just appeared. Has anyone in UK tried integrating a TV directly as a thing? If so what features does the Integration offer please?

Just tried two Samsung smart tv’'s
Can’t get any recognised!
Have you tried?l

I didn’t have a compatible team at the moment but am in the market for one, if I can find instances where people have been able to successfully get this integration working I’d be buying a compatible TV.

Is there a compatibility list or so?

With SmartThings, you can control the following functions of your TV:

Power on/off
Volume control (set value via slider, mute/unmute)
Picture mode (standard, movie, and dynamic)
Audio mode (standard, movie, music, and clear voice)

@Tyler, it seems like there’s an obvious gap in the functionality here, i.e. ability to set the tuner channel and video source! When will we get this functionality?


Great news… I can confirm that the Samsung Smart TV are now listed in the Thing Marketplace on my smartthing app

I have been looking for (and moaning about) this to be available to the rest fo the world!

I can now see a new “Televisions” category at the very botom of the in the UK Thing Marketplace list…
I now have Televisions -> Samsung Smart TV.

I will try to add my KS 2016 smart tv as a thing tonight and report back…

I hope Smartthings finally pushed the “Release to the World” button on this…


@nychan Look at the spec online.

There are 2 types of Smartthings integration.
A) TV as a Smartthings Hub support
B) TV as a Smartthing Thing support

A) as a hub: means that your TV can act as a Smartthings Hub and control other IoT devices. This requires the addition of a USB dongle, which I believe, is currently in Beta and only available in the US

  • 2016 KS TV Series 7xxx,8xxx and 9xxx

B) as a Thing: means that you can connect your TV to an existing Smartthings Hub and have basic control over it. The TV is then listed as a Thing in your Smartthings mobile app.

Personally, I am interested in B) as I already have a hub v2 at home and want (ideally) to display notifications on the TV (Door bell rings!, presence detected outside, etc).
I have a KU6510 TV

Not all Samsung TVs are Smartthings enabled, always check the spec online…

I guess a lot of people change channel via their satellite or cable box rather than on the TV.
I also use my amp to control volume…so not sure this integration would be adding much for me… so I’ll sit tight and wait for the Sky/Virgin integration :joy:

@Pbrain The “Sky/Virgin integration” is called an Harmony Elite remote control…

I have one at home and it works perfectly, controlling all my AV devices with one remote/mobile app.
“Harmony -> Smartthings” integration works pretty well, controlling smarrthings devices from the remote (dim the light automatically when I start the BluRay player) etc… this is a great device.
On the other hands, the “Smartthings -> Harmony” integration is quite limited. “Adding” harmony activities as a “Thing” in the smartthings app only gives you a very limited control (on/off).

Harmony ST and echo are used daily in my house. My wife loves the new touch screen remote. Controlls my whole house and keeps all sonos favorites and cable favorites. I would like to connect to Samsung tv because I don’t like the volume up down integration from harmony…alexa tell harmony to turn volume up. Sounds weird. I’d like to see some other case uses for this jntegration as its true that most people use there cable boxes for most changes but I can see some value here. Although harmony will most likely have the same or similar to offer we’ll see.

Actually, I do have the harmony remote and Hub (and Echo for that matter) and although I have the Harmony integrated with ST…I haven’t yet discovered the merits of doing so.By default I try and pair everything with ST…sometimes to realise it’s actually unnecessary…

Agree, I only paired my ST lights with the Harmony(Harmony -> ST) so that the lights can be controlled for scene set up when I start watching movies etc… There is not much more to it really…
I don’t see the point of having the Harmony activities as a things (ST->Harmony) other than for a Good Night routine where ST switch off all lights and TV/AV if still on (I haven’t tried that as yet).

The app fails to discover my UE48JU7500. I can see my tv in Hubs logs, it pops up as “device:MediaRenderer” and “device:RemoteControlReceiver” with networkAddress:0A00020A ( - my tv ip) and its Mac Address but the App doesn’t find it. I’m very disappointed :frowning:

I am very happy to report that I manage, in the Uk, to connect my 43KU6510 TV to the hub without any problem, first time. The TV is now a thing on my hub and all command work as advertised (at last)…

Excellent stuff, can you get Smartthings notifications on your TV screen?

For the notifications, I haven’t figure how to for now. But when I was connecting the TV a black like with message and button to allow the connection to the hub appeared. This is consistent with the way notifications were displayed in the demo video and CES. Now I just need to find out how I can send a notification to the TV, perhaps via CoRE…

If anyone had any idea ??? Suggestions welcomed…

At least it’s a (big) step in the right direction…

Where abouts are you seeing this?

I can’t even get this far… I think it only supports the K series TV’s

when you go to your HUB page in IDE and click List Events

I will try notification to the TV via CoRE… sounds promising!

It seems to work, see link below