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Hi. I have been using Smartthings for a few years now, and I am thinking of getting a Samsung Smart TV. I see on the android app it allows me to add a Samsung TV to my Smarthings V2 hub but it does not give any details about what it can do. So can someone tell me what my Smartthings V2 hub can do with a Samsung smart TV? I.E Turn on, change channel… Also do they have any Alexa support for voice control? Maybe the TV can access my Smarthings V2 hub and control it that way?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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Integration is as follows if the TV meets all the requirements:

Volume control
Picture Mode
Sound Mode
Notifications via CoRE/WebCoRE (possibly US models only, havent heard/seen anyone outside the US get this working)

Notibly missing from the integration are Source Input and Channel adjustments. It is not like Harmony control, but it is better than nothing.

Do you know if I buy the TV if I could use an app on the TV to control the rest of my smart devices like I can on the android app? (Some of the TV’s are advertising you can use them as a HUB, but I am happy with my hub setup and just want to be able to control other items through the TV if possible)

The fabled unicorn called the Extend was suposed to be the final piece to make the “Hub” Tvs in to a actual SmartThings hub. It may or maynot be still in beta. Not much has been official said on the progress of the TV hubs/extend. The TV could not control any devices that you other Hub had on it’s system.

One way to control devices from the TV is using ActionTiles via the TVs web browser, but having a tablet laying around with it on is quicker/easier in my opinion or just using the ST app.

Hmmm. It seems Samsung is stupid. I was chatting with them and they said the MU range has built in Hub, but to use a TV as a thing then you have to get a KU or KS range. Why the hell can they not just make one TV which supports both, and then supports all the features of the TV too.

I have to agree on that. I just looked at the MU series and did not see any mention of SmartThings anywere in the manual. There seems to be a disconnect between Samsung and Samsung SmartThings. I personally believe a lot of confusion stems from calling the TV box/app/menus a “Smart Hub”, which has nothing to do with a SmartThings hub. Looking at the marketplace acticle on the TVs it is stil saysl only certain 2016 models. I haven’t messed with the Samsung Connect app as I don’t want to lose what I already have set up, There possibly may be some control through the TV from there.

Is there a browser? Any luck with ?

Hi all
If you guys and girls have Alex there is a universal remote that is going through trials at the moment that will work with allot of multimedia device you just little patient .

Yes, It works fine. The TVs mouse is slow and you can’t go full screen with it.


Thanks for testing, Ricci; especially for the screenshot…

  • Bummer about the slow mouse! We need to investigate “keyboard / DPad mode” so that arrow keys will move quickly among the Tiles.

  • There’s a Full Screen option under the overflow options menu on the Panel (…); it might not work, though … it’s not compatible with all browsers. If you’re able to install APKs, we recommend the “Fully Kiosk browser”.

  • I notice that several icons appear to be missing. This is a compatibility issue with older browsers. We’re not sure if this is worth us fixing, because we expect the browsers to eventually be updated. But @625alex has some ideas that we might explore for a future update to ActionTiles.

The mouse is the TV’s stock web browers issue. It is slow on any page, samsung Smart Tv Web Browser Ver (TizenBrowser). Same as not having a Picture in Picture option when viewing anything other than the web browser and you can’t flip the PiPs. It is all on Samsung.

The full screen in the overflow did allow the brower to go full screen.

Along with a copule of the icons the brower does’t like media tiles either.

Any issues are not really a problem for me. The picture was of my tablet panel . I have made one for the TV with just lights and door contacts for quick access when the tabet and phone are are accross the room and I don’t feel like taking to Alexa. Life in the 21st Century :grinning:


That’s looking great and almost works!

I will look into making sure all icons are displaying correctly, I have a plan…