Samsung Smart things and TV UE55MU6200?

Hi all,

I was wondering if my Samsung smart TV UE55MU6200 will connect to the smart things hub.


I have a Samsung smart Tv connected to ST, the Tv is about 5 months old so relatively new, once connected you can control on/off , picture type ie dynamic/normal/ and whatever else is available within that range and you can control sound type ie movie/normal and again whatever is available in that type and you can also control volume

Strangely when controlling the Tv via the ST app the TV fails to show interaction, no numbers appear for volume on the screen and no notification for any other changes you make

Alexa will turn the TV on/off but for me at least it cannot control volume, which I think is an echo/alexa thing as, if I remember rightly, alexa is really only happy with on/off but I stand to be corrected on that

@fido wich model do you have?

If i go in the front room and faff around looking for the model number the swmbo will be most annoyed, will get back to you on that one but it is a 2016 65" non curved model from Currys ( Uk electrical shop )

Actually we bought it this year so that would make it a 2017 model, my bad on that
Ok tv access now its clear, my tv is the UE65KU6020 works with on/off volume picture type and audio type. Echo only allows on/off. Wish it had volume but not to be