Samsung SmartTV congtrol with Smarthings App?

Hi I was delighted to see that the recent update to the Smarthings iOS app that provided support for my Honeywell WiFi Thermostat. So does anyone know why I still can not control my Samsung Smart TV’s (I have three - all 2015 and newer all accessible via an iOS App) ? It seems to me that the Smarthings “entertainment” category should at the very least allow you to connect to your Samsung SmartTV - adding in support of Home Theater (Denon AV2200W) would be nice too :slight_smile: . I am assuming that there are no APIs that allow you to create a Samsung Smart TV account so you could control the Smart TV from the Smartthings app - like you can with the Honeywell TotalConnect Thermostats - but it certainly would be a good idea so I can finally eliminate all the silly IR Blaster 1980’s technology. Z-wave and Zigbee are great, but APIs and WiFi seem to be the real future of true Smartthings Home automation

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Announced, not yet released.

I would think the first thing that would have been added was a control for samsung smart tv’s Considering it’s made by Samsung… How about an IR repeater we can plug into the SmartThings hub… I currently have a Blumoo to do the Ir Blaster for me. But we have no way to connect to Smartthings Hub either. I would love to see the capability to control my samsung smart tv thru SmartThings hub.

Have a look at the Logitech companion.