UPDATE: 2016 Samsung TV Smartthings Integration = BEWARE it's False Advertising - Update: Not anymore!

I have that now, using Notifications for Android TV. My tv is a Bravia. The notifications hit my android control tablet, and that pops the notification over whatever is playing on the tv.

If you had been following the other threads actually dedicated to the Samsung TV integration & not just this P&M thread, it was posted a couple months ago about the doggel Beta test & how to apply to join and get the doggel.
I had a 1998 HP desktop with " fully upgradable, the last computer you’ll ever need to buy " all over the box & even on the case. Should I start a class action suite against HP for false advertising ?


We’ll. I am not going to relocate my family to the US to get access to a feature sold as working in the UK.
Did your 1998 PC had a part or functionality missing when you bought it? Is there anything written on the box that it didn’t do? Surely you could upgrade component in it (graphic card, ram, processor etc).

I am happy to accept that technology move on and needs to be upgraded, but not an incomplete product at purchase, compare to what is advertised…

I also have the Samsung TV (ES8000) which “can be upgraded for the next 5 years”. I am still waiting for the extension pack for each of the 5 years !!! Another great Samsung marketing promise…

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Great, so LG and Sony TV can display Smartthing notifications but not Samsung (who is the only one to have officially announced the feature) !!!

It’s one thing to advertise being “theoretically upgradable”, it’s another thing to promise a “free device”. By the way, I’m pretty sure that you can upgrade that 1998 HP desktop with new motherboard, CPU, RAM etc and still use it today. Desktop computer cases have not changed much, still old same ATX standard (since 1995). So there’s no false advertisement with that “fully upgradable” statement.

The beta you talk about is only in US and not in any other country. Samsung promised “every Samsung 2016 SUHD TV” will receive a “free SmartThings extend”. I don’t see it happening soon, so Samsung failed to deliver…

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Did they ever promise a date when the update would be available ? No, so once again this is just a P&M thread.

Yeah well the new Nvidia Shield was stated at CES 2017 to be supporting the SmartThings dongle. If you now look at their site, SmartThings is no longer listed. Makes me wonder if there are issues with the dongle.

I just got word from support on how to configure the Samsung 2016+ to work with Smartthings.
See this post for how to setup: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/210766566

And proof that I have it working:

All well and good for you guys in the US, but here out in in the Rest Of The World Samsung TV does not appear in the appliance list…

Yeah, good on you. I am glad you managed to connect your TV.
This feature, advertised and sold worldwide, is “US only” hence, the rest of the world pay for a feature they can’t even use!

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This is no longer false advertising. Samsung Smart TV are now listed in the UK app “thing marketplace” list…

I successfully connected my TV as a Thing to my hub.

was this connected with the Extend module or the 100 dollar hub?

I connected my UE43KU6510 (2016 K 6 series TV) TV as a “thing” to my existing separate hub v2.

I believe that the “TV as a Hub” capability, despite being announced at CES in 2016, is not available. There is an, invitation only, US only beta programme where you need (if you have been selected for the beta programme) to use a smartthing USB Extend dongle to connect to the TV in order to use it as a Hub… As far as I could find, this is not yet commercially available, and certainly not outside the US (I am in the UK).

I’m not so sure. My Bravia connects to ST as a thing - does that mean Sony can now advertise those sets as “integrated with SmartThings”??

what do you mean by “as a things”? What can you do with it? Can you control your TV (basic control) and send notification to your Bravia via ST out of the box? (without having to develop any piece of code / device handler etc).
If yes, then Sony should certainly update their marketing materials !

i can see the TV in the list of things, but when trying to add, i get “Hub is not a v2 hub”. But it is!

What I don’t understand is how they got the demo tv to work on the u tube ces .why can’t they make the STS hub work with the tv if nothing else. It should be programing. I recently contacted STS support and asked and they said not yet buy they gave me a ST door sensor for free.

Samsung confirmed on their Samsung EU community forums on the KS owners refund thread in June 2018 that they would not be supplying the USB dongle to enable the Smart hub built into the TV. I think misrepresentation as far as the OCT 2015 European Consumer regs are concerned.

How about that ?
KS premium TV, one of a kind lineup with great quantum dot displays are in fact dumb tvs.
Shame !

Here is what works for my 2016 Ks9000 tv (Australia). Problem: in smartthing app try to add TV under samsung brand it showed 0 available for 2016 model.
Solution: When adding new device, choose “scan nearby device” to find the TV and follow prompt to set up. It will be listed as directly connected device.