Samsung TV showing offline in ST when TV powered off - Google Home

I’m having this issue too my tv is working but on the smart things app it saying it’s offline since I moved in august to my new place . We have internet connection but IT says my tv is offline even though it works so do my streaming services .

I used to be able to watch a Zumba video my instructor did for us when the gyms closed in March for 6 months off her Facebook live I can’t even do that anymore

The answer to this is simply that Samsung TVs are junk.
This is the first (and last) one I will ever own. I wish I had looked into it more instead of just buying the Samsung name…people could have saved me.
They do not stay connected to wifi, or google home, or Smart Things, or anything else.
I spend more time unplugging/plugging it or turning it off/on in order to get my wifi connection back than I do watching it. It disconnects from wifi even if just left idle for awhile.
Of course Samsung says “Ummm… Is your wifi connection solid? It’s probably your network”
Wellll… Since the router is 5 feet away… And EVERYTHING else in the house works fine day after day… I have to rationally assume that the problem lies with the one thing that makes me want to put a bullet in it.
I will never let anyone I like, even a little, spend money on a Samsung TV


Yeah, I have the same problem with my Samsung. Luckily I have a Fire TV Stick, so I don’t use Samsung’s connectivity anyway.

I agree w this - endless connectivity issues, never connects to AirPlay rarely online in ST, it’s a Q60T - ready to junk it and start over

anyone from Samsung going to actually look into this, its happening to most people, Worked for 3 years since Google Home was released and has stopped in the last month or so…what have you changed ???

Its definitely Samsung as it shows offline in both Google Home app and the Smartthings app

When is this being fixed, its not good enough

Bump!!..Why are Samsung not confirming this is an issue given the amount of people (and multiple threads) and working on whats been changed to stop this from working as it did for years before so the change can be backed out!

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This is unacceptable! Both my Samsung TVs (Q6 75” and Frame 65”) are showing offline in the smartthings app as well as Google home. Both TVs are connected to the internet just fine. This was working fine a month back. Now I can’t upload photos to the Frame TV. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

I’ve had my tv for 2 going on 3 years now. And in the beginning I could turn it on and off with just a Verizon jetpack. Since then I’ve gotten better internet at my house and I’m having the same exact problem! GH will turn my TV off all day long but as soon as I turn it off, it goes offline in ST. I’ve tried everything in this forum and hasn’t done anything unfortunately… This sure seems like a Samsung problem

OK so this worked at least for the next 10 minutes so that I could upload pictures
I actually entered the IP settings for the wireless network manually including the gateway and DNS (and I did not make it work per se initially )
Then I erased any prior tv registration on the smart things app and I also deleted the rooms and chose a new room name put to force a fresh start
that seems to be the only thing that worked - so far but I was able to upload two pictures


It’s the same for me, my living room Samsung smart tv goes offline when turned off. The smartThings app shows offline and my Amazon Alexa can’t turn the tv on but can turn it off.

I have similar issue with Q60T TV.

Initially I expected the TV to have it’s own On timers (like some older models do) and was about to return it to the store (but I otherwise really like the TV).

Happily I found that the TV will turn on, at the same input/channel, if it was ON when power is cut and restored.

So my workaround is to keep the TV on and use a smart plug to power up and power down as needed

I can do this through the smart plug’s own app, or through Google Home.

Also happy to find that the scheduled channel changes continued to work after powering on again.

Knowing that powering on/off is probably not the best for the TV, I tried to setup the automation directly through Smart things and Google Home

I was really surprised/disappointed to find that the TV goes off-line and does not turn on after being turned off (as reported by many on this thread).

TV is off-line when powered off and none of the expected automations turn it on.

I stumbled on another workaround when I noticed that switching the input to Roku would wake the TV, even if when it was off.

So I can now set a Google Home routine to turn on Roku (even if Roku is already on) and then run a scene to switch the TV source

Samsung - it shouldn’t be this hard.

I just bought and installed the TV, frame 50" 2021.

I wish I would have read these forums before, I bought this TV. ST connectivity was one of the reason why I bought it.

Now it seems that I will take it down from the wall and ship it back to the shop.

Sad because it looks good on the wall with all of the other paintings.

I have the same problem with the RU7100

I can turn it off with voice when on wifi/ethernet but not back on after a while just says offline :frowning:

Update of smart things app solved my problem.
Now it is working just fine.

Unfortunately I cant use all of the alexa functionalities because I live in Finland.
Only basic commands like on/off, volume, channel and source selection are available.
Example, cant ask the tv to start specific movie from netflix.

I updated smart things but didn’t fix it. I’m about to call Samsung support I’ve reset and deleted everything and setup again from scratch at least 4 times.

Yep, i tried to send WoL packet on port 9 from my phone and the tv turn on after first packet. (Curved uhd UE49MU6272) So i think the problem is in the Smart thing app. And now i don’t know if it’s possible to send WoL packet over internet through cloud service like Smart think. But i remember, that it worked in the past, so shit happened after update, maybe smart thing app or tv fw.