Is it possible to use the SmartThings app to turn on a Samsung Series 7 TV?

We just purchased a Samsung 7 Series (50) TV and have installed the SmartThings apps on our iPhones. After setting everything up and confirming we can control the TV when it is turned on, I was wondering if it is possible to use the SmartThings app to turn the TV on when the TV Is off. When I navigate to the SmartThings home, all the controls are disabled and the message reads, “TV Power Off, You can only use this button when the TV is turned on” so I thought maybe it’s not possible.

I use webcore to turn on my Samsung TV’s by using Wake on LAN. Works fairly well but it would be a lot better if the app just had an ‘On’ button.

Is the power button in the ST app not working for you?

Just for reference my 6 series Uk tv works via amazon echo for on and off, dont really use either st app, too long winded opening app, waiting, finding room then device, echo now works great

I gave up on ST controlling my tv, so i stuck a chromecast into the tv and now tell google to turn tv on and off and it works really well, so I did the same for my other tv’s too. I have now set a routine in google home for good night, i.e. living room lights off, tv off and bed room lights on etc.

I have the exact same TV and use an iPhone also. When my TV is off I can’t turn it on either.

This is so stupid! In 2020 ST still can’t power on the tv. To power on the tv with the iPhone, enable mirroring using airplay on your phone… then the tv pops on! Why can’t Smart things just power on the tv?? It’s just soooo STUPID!

Thanks to #prjct92eh2 (Jimmy), when I changed my Samsung Q70 HDTV from a wired Ethernet connection to a Wireless connection everything works in SmartThings. When I was using the wired Ethernet connection, I couldn’t turn on the HDTV via SmartThings when it had been off for a while, like the first time in the morning. And using the wired connection also caused the SmartThings Universal Guide to keep showing up in SmartThings home when I had it disabled.

Works for some and not others, vast majority still cannot power on a Samsung TV once its been turned off

This happened previously in the old app which (eventually) got fixed, however the new v3 app is 3 years old, still no real fix with alot of users unable to even add a Samsung TV