Samsung TV - Can't Turn On

Samsung Hub and Alexa

Added Samsung TV to Hub, then Alexa. Smartthings and Alexa apps can turn TV off, neither will turn it on. I touch on, it shows on for a couple seconds then shows off. TV never actually turns on.

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The TV integration is broken. Tons of threads in the forum.
Surprised that it turns off. I have a smart outlet to turn on or off the tv

Not really a surprise you can turn off via Amazon Echo and not on, mine does the exact same and i definately would not recomend a smart outlet on a modern Tv, they are designed, like all modern appliances to go to standby, cutting power to them with a smart outlet will stress them undully and shorten component life

My Smartthings Tv app will allow me to change volume, channel and off sometimes and my Samsung connect app gives full control of the Tv inc inbuilt apps, settings and even watch Tv on phone but the same app will not let me switch the Tv on if it has been in standby for an extended period

one thread can be found here but there are many like it


Followed all the directions for this clever workaround.
It works! - Most of the time…

Some times it just won’t: Alexa complies, and says “OK”… Smartthings reports doing it, but TVs remain off…
Wake-On-LAN iffiness?

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It seems to work if you wait about 30 seconds between trying to turn the TV off and then turning the TV on. I think this is because it takes a bit for the TV to completely go into sleep mode. I’ve came across this same issue when trying to turn the TV off and on within a few seconds.

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I am having the same problem, my TV turns OFF but not ON! I installed the SmartThings skill on Alexa App, i can discover my Smart TV devices. It turns off the device, but it can’t turn on! For sure it is a BUG

This is no longer working

Echo dot turns the tv off but refuses to turn it on please fix this ASAP it’s highly frustrating

Samsung totally broke all 3rd party integrations with their 1250 firmware. They implemented SSL and changed the port that remote comms is working on.

It accepts the command but does nothing and replies nothing

Following, having same issue.

This is not the most ideal work around but if you have an Amazon firestick or TV you can enable the HDMI-CEC on the firestick in the settings. Then on the TV enable HDMI-CEC. You might have to now unplug the echo and the firestick and plug them back in at this point but I did not have to. Now if you say “Alexa, home on Fire TV” It will turn on your TV and take you to the homepage of the firestick. If you have the smartthings hub you can also set up a scene in the app for different inputs and then bring them into the Alexa app as a routine so that after you turn on your TV you can say “Alexa, input 2” and the TV will change inputs. I still have not found an easy work around to change the volume besides muting the TV. There is a youtube video where a guy uses a raspberry pi to build a device to use the echo for everything on a TV.

Same here with a Q8F. Will turn off but not on.

Just connect a Chromecast to the tv then you will be able to control it with Google assistant.

Make sure power saving mode is completely off

I have the q9 and have the same problem. It did work just fine turning on and off with Alexa, the I penned the Smartthings app one day and it updated my TV software. Well it doesn’t turn on now!

Being able to turn off but not on is pretty typical for WiFi connected devices, try plugging in the Ethernet cable and and see if it doesn’t work better that way. Saddly just because it supports Wake-on-LAN ( WoL ) does not mean it supports Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN).

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My way around this is by not using the ‘on’ button from smart things remote control. Instead, tap the three dots button on the top right corner and then click on either “Screen Mirror” or “Watch TV on phone.” Screen mirror will turn on the TV and mirror your phone automatically but you can cancel the mirroring once connected and the TV will remain on. “Watch TV on phone” will keep the screen black (TV off?) yet it will mirror what’s being played on the TV background onto your phone. However, there’s another “on” button from the video player to turn on the TV and that one seems to work.
Edit: I should add that my device (Galaxy S9) is connected to the same wifi that that the TV is.

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Having the same issue. It has worked twice to turn on. Once right after the most recent software update. But can’t replicate. Still just turns off with google home and smart things.