Samsung TV showing offline in ST when TV powered off - Google Home

Used to be that I could turn on my Samsung TV using Google Home. I can no longer do this. GH says the TV “isn’t available right now”. I can still turn it off with GH. I’m wondering why I can no longer turn it on. In ST, the TV shows “offline” when it is turned off and I’m guessing this is the culprit. Are there any settings, perhaps on the router side, that I need to modify to get the TV online in ST (even when the TV is turned off) and, therefore, to turn on using GH? The TV is connected via Ethernet and I’m signed into my Samsung account on it.
I know with Alexa the TV has to be on wifi to be able to turn on the TV but my TV has been wired via Ethernet for years and GH has been able to turn it on.

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Have you already tried removing the Ethernet cable from the TV and using wifi?

According to this troubleshooting article:

You would not be able to turn the TV On using an Ethernet cable, it states to use WiFi and to verify the model code of your TV as it varies by model.

I’d try without the Ethernet cable and see if the symptoms persist.

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Thank you for the response. I’ve tried using wifi instead of ethernet and have the same results. I can turn off the TV but not turn it on.
That said, I’ve had the TV hooked up via Ethernet since I got it four years ago and have always been able to turn it on using Google Home.
Either way, it doesn’t want to turn on even while on wifi. With Alexa, I used to be able to turn it on when on wifi but even Alexa can’t turn it on while on wifi now.

don’t worry, you are not alone…for the past couple of months my samsung tvs are behaving the same way. I also used Google, so something has definitely broken. I can’t even use actiontiles for them anymore either.


Thanks, that actually makes me feel better :smiley:

I have the same issue with the ST app when powered off with the TV remote. I have three Samsung TV’s with two on Ethernet and one Wifi. NONE of them are reachable in the app after they are turned off as I receive an Offline error. After reviewing the link from @SamsungZell of very limited compatible TV’s I see that mine are not listed. :disappointed:

I’ve got a 2019 Q70R, always on WiFi and for about a month or so, the TV is listed as Placeholder in the IDE, sometimes Offline, sometimes Online. There was absolutely no change in the home config, no devices added or removed.

I use Google home as voice control, but I cannot turn it on anymore as it says that the TV is currently unavailable.

Once the TV is on by remote, I can turn it off using Ghome.

But if it stays off longer than ~30 minutes, I cannot turn it back on using voice cmdlets.

Any ideas?

Same issue here with both my TV 2018 and 2019. It was working fine and then required saying commands twice. Then stopped turn on altogether. Once on, I can turn them off with Google Home. The TV always go offline after it turned off.

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Same issue, with Wireless setup. I got the SmartThings app, linked to google home. In the ST app it appears as offline, so I think that’s why google says the TV is offline.

I also have Samsung SmartView_Frame app which was just discontinued, but with this app I can connect to the TV! It gives me a message “connection failed”, but the TV turns on.

I cannot link this app to google home so it doesn’t solve my problem. Look forward to a solution to this, it seems like a problem with Samsung app/tv connectivity.

Same issue, happens randomly with 3 different TVs: Samsung Q7 and Q8. TVs go offline within SmartThings application with no particular reason, and so Google Assistant that is linked with SmartThings can’t turn them on/off.

Mine too, uk model qe75q900r, software version 1300

I can power it off via google routines, smartthings app or notification bar, but smartthings says the tv is offline if I try to turn it back on.

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Hi, I managed to solve this for me. You all know that it doesn’t always apply to you.
I use Alexa.
I deleted the TV from Smartthings, and then reinstalled it on Smartthings, noting following the on-screen prompts and permissions. As of 15 minutes, it still works.

Changing phones and internet connections may have been the problem, but …

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This just solved my problem! Thank you for that. I had been having the same issue for the past months. I did a hard reset of the tv just to be sure and then set it up on Smartthings and connecting it via Wifi. Alexa is now able to turn it on again with no issues at all!

I am glad it worked for someone else as well.

I have had no further problems since I got it working.

Until next time …

I started trying this. After deleting the TV from ST, I’m unable to add it back! I’ve tried scanning nearby or device type options but no luck.

Let me try to remember what I did. After deleting then adding TV from menu, I had to respond on the TV to accept Smartthings. Then follow the prompts on the TV and the app. I realized you cannot disregard them.

For info, I have a 900 series TV, so new.

Also make sure both on the same network.

Hope this helps.

I was able to add the TV back into ST but resetting the TV, however, I still have the original issue of not being able to power on the TV from ST/Alexa/GH.

Same here with one of my two TVs. It is two-three years old model, but series 8, connected to WiFi). Other TV - newer model, works as expected, I can both turn off and turn on the TV. Deleting and then re-adding it in SmartThings doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

Hi There,
I’m new to the community but am having the same problem with my qe65q90t going offline after being switched off for awhile and then no longer responding to GH voice switch on command.
Hopefully there may be a solution soon.

I’m just trying to add more photos to my FRAME tv but tv keeps saying offline in the smart things app.
There’s no way to add new photos which is the whole point of the tv. Frustrating.
Is anyone from @SamsungZell able to help with these issues?