Samsung Smart TV goes offline in ST right after turning off

I used to be able to turn my Samsung smart TV on with ST app, but since I reset the Smart Hub on the TV to try to fix something, now the TV goes offline immediately after I turn it off. Already checked that one setting option to allow TV to be turned on remotely via cellphone.

Welcome to the world of shitty Samsung TVs this has been happening since the beginning (to almost everyone)…a very widespread issue that no one has been able to fix. Same thing happened to my 2018 TV and have every expectation it will happen to my new 2020 TV in the near future as well.


Going off-line is normal. Not being able to turn the device on is an issue since they use Wake On Lan to turn the device on. From work on the Hubitat driver, one issue is changing from wired to wireless connection for the TV changes the MAC used for the magic packet. Unknown if a remove / reinstall will fix the issue for SmartThings.

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Mine is a 7 series and works perfect. Appreciate that doesnt help much, but its connected via WiFi and if you go into the settings screen

General > Network > Expert settings

Make sure “Power On with Mobile” is enabled.

This allows me to control my TV via mobile app, and smartthings app and alexa.

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Mine is only on wireless. Not sure if this applies to me

Yeah that option is already enabled, but it doesn’t help.

Anyone has a 2022 update on this issue?