Alexa can't turn on my TV after turn it off. Same with the ST app


I’ve just bought an echo dot and tried to use my Samsung TV with it. Alexa was able to sync with the ST app, and apparently, everything was working. I’ve tried to turn it off and went ok, but I was unable to turn it on. In both apps, the TV appears to be offline.
I’ve made a test at the scene option on the ST app, and I see that it doesn’t appear an option to turn the tv on, just an option to turn the tv off.
My TV is on the same wifi as the echo dot and my iPhone.
I’ve tried a lot of things that I found on the internet and youtube and nothing works.
Can someone give me a hint on what to do to make this work?
I’ve tried to make Alexa wake AppleTV because It can make the TV goes on, but was not successful on this too…

This is a known issue that plagues many of us. I thought it was just me for a year before I stumbled upon a thread here that confirmed it behaves this way for a lot of people. I can voice control as long as the TV is on but once it’s off, it says it’s offline and I can’t control it.

To make matters more frustrating, I know the TV is still communicating when it’s off because if I leave my Samsung fridge door open while the TV is off or I lose internet while the TV is off, the TV still captures the notifications for these events.

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The off issue has many many many threads, it was also an issue in the classic app around 2017 but got resolved

Move forward to migration and the issue returned , weirdly if off and I access the tv within St I get a full page notification saying the device cannot be accessed , if I hit OK at the bottom it clears the banner and my off tv can be switched on via the screen on off button

However on in an automation is not available on my 6 series Tv

I also have a 7 series that has no issues

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Something I just found if I use the Tv lan connection I can turn on as mentioned above

If I switch to the Tv WiFi connection the on button does nothing ??

not sure what model your tv is, but i just got a couple of ru8000 samsung tv’s. I had the same issue until i checked for a software update in the tv settings. I also had to do a factory reset on the living room tv to get it to cooperate with the voice command to turn it off and on.