Samsung Home Connect will not connect to SmartThings App

A WORD OF WARNING to everyone! I just installed the new Samsung Connect Home 3 piece Mesh WiFi system which also includes a SmartThings Hub. Knowing I could only have one hub connected at a time I reluctantly deleted all my devices and programming from my existing hub and began setting up the new mesh system. The mesh WiFi portion works great, I have found no issues with that. The hub however is a different story. The hub portion only connects to the Samsung Connect App…it will NOT connect to the SmartThings App!!! I tried and tried and finally called Samsung this morning and they very apologetically informed me that if I have many automation devices and have been using the SmartThings App, I should go back to SmartThings and reload everything into that!!!
The Samsung Connect app is needed to set up the WiFi and it appears you can connect most devices, but the rule and programming options are severely limited. Anyone used to using SmartThings App will be very disappointed. I couldn’t even set up a simple thing as to turn on my outside lights at sunset.
You might want to try exluding one switch or something from your existing setup and include it to the Connect Home hub to see what options there are and if it will work for you, and it might if you only have a few devices to work with. Be VERY careful about deleting things from your existing system without knowing if you will get the same results from the Connect Home hub.
The Samsung TechRep was very knowledgeable and helpful and did say they were aware of this issue and there are updates coming down the road, but didn’t say exactly what would be updated or when. Also, be aware that only ONE of the Connect Home units acts as a hub. There is no “mesh network” for automation functions, only the WiFi portion.
I will be spending the rest of my day reloading everything into my old hub via SmartThings…

Once you’ve set up the Samsung Connect Home hub/router in the Samsung Connect app you can log in with your account in the SmartThings Mobile App and it’ll be treated the same as one of our other hubs.

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Not sure I understand. My Samsung Connect is now setup, but I have no devices connected, only the hub. So now I should go to the SmartThings app and log in with my Samsung credentials? If that’s the case I have another problem as my username and password are the same for both accounts!

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Hey corona,

Try logging out and logging in with your Samsung Account (yes I understand that it’s the same as your ST account).

The App should prompt you for your username before a password, then bring you to a portal that asks you whether it’s a SmartThings account or a Samsung account. Choose Samsung Account.

Lemme know how it goes!


No, I just get one page that asks for ID and password, then it logs me right in. This is on an iPhone by the way.

You’re absolutely right! It looks like that feature should be coming in the next mobile release. Sorry for the confusion there, but soon you’ll be able to select that you have a Samsung account and it’ll take you to your Samsung Connect Home hub within the SmartThings App.


Couple of questions on the new hub, not sure if this is the correct forum to ask.

  1. Do all three hubs act as Zwave hub/repeater?
  2. Does it have more local automation compared to v2 or any other significant difference in terms of architecture etc.
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Only the unit hardwired to your modem acts as a Zwave Hub, the other two are WiFi mesh repeaters only. Apparently there are upgrades coming, but right now the automation options are limited.

Thanks for the reply! I wonder if they can make the other two as Zwave repeater as all of them have the zwave hardware.
I thought that it will work just like normal Smartthings hub, probably will take couple of updates.

Yes, I hope they eventually get there. I initially thought this would be the answer to Z Wave range problems I have with some outbuildings, my detached shop in particular, but at least for now, it doesn’t help. The mesh WiFi is great though and I’m still glad I bought the system.


I am having this same problem. I have a v2 Hub in one “Place” (home), and now a Connect Home hub in a cabin. Wanted to toggle control with my ST app, between the 2 locations. But cannot add the Connect Home hub through my ST app.

I REALLY hope I didn’t go out of my way buying an expensive mesh router with integrated ST hub, only to find out I cannot control this hub with my ST app.

Please help!

Glad I read this before jumping in. Wi-Fi and zwave range have been a problem in my house, I was hoping that five of these would solve all issues.

It seems it’s not quite there yet. So I’m back to plugging in zwave sockets in pointless places just to try and stretch the signal as far as possible.

Hi Tyler,

Just to clarify, if at some stage I jump on the Connect bandwagon, possibly with Mesh and I reluctantly remove all items from the ST Hub and add them back via Connect if I then login to ST and select the Connect account will I still have ALL the current functionality I have in SmartThings and be able to edit the DH’s/SmartApps etc. as I currently do or is there any limitations to doing this. The Connect app if pretty awful tbh and do not want to be stuck with using it although the dual functionality would not go amiss I guess.

Also how are the plans coming along to migrate ST over to Connect please? You mentioned a while back that this was being looked at and tbh the ability to migrate ST over to Connect should have been one of the first things that were thrown out there considering the user base.
At the moment there is no way I am going to kill my current ST setup to move things over to Connect but if things start to look up and there is no sign of a migration tool (or some sort of link between the two) then I may look to do so.


I am not positive but I do not think the Mesh WiFi would help you anyway. I could be wrong but my understanding is that the WiFi is ‘meshed’ you still only have ONE SmartThings Hub built into to main unit. It does not mesh zigbee and z-wave frequencies.

You’d be correct. The mesh’ing is for the WiFi only. There is no mesh network for Zigbee or Z-Wave with the ST Connect. Whether this appears as an update later on, we’ll have to wait and see!

Does anyone know if things have changed with the Connect Home set? I saw Amazon had the 3-pack on sale for <$250 and hadn’t considered the mesh stuff for expanding my network. Right now I have hardwired AP’s (not repeaters) and would prefer to move to a mesh system. When I read that this has a SmartThings hub built-in, I really liked the idea (as some of my devices seem to be on the fringe edge of range) but if only ONE of them can act as a hub - what’s the point?!

For that matter, will the ST hub portion of this system also work in combination with my existing ST hub? Seems I read an Amazon review that said you can now (?) pull the ST function into the ST app. Can they work together (i.e. can I put my existing hub elsewhere and have it connect other devices?)

This looks like it has tons of potential but I don’t want to throw $250 down the drain and pull a bunch of hair out to find out this wasn’t very well thought out.

Any thoughts or advice is highly appreciated!

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According to Tyler and Chris (csuk) who posted here back in August, there was supposed to be an update to the phone app to let you log into your Samsung account from the SmartThings app and it would then carry over all your commands and settings to the new Samsung Hub. There IS that option on the SmartThings logon webpage, but doesn’t really seem to be of any use at this point. The SmartThings App may have been updated for Android to be able to log in through the Samsung account but so far I have not seen that option on my iPhone, so I am still relegated to using the SmartThings V2 hub. I think I saw somewhere else here that there is Beta testing being done with a migration tool, but I don’t know any more than that. I will say that my 3 Samsung Connect mesh WiFi hubs have been working flawlessly as far as the WiFi goes however. I was having range issues at the far end of my house and in my detached shop, but with the meshed hubs my signal is great everywhere and switching from one hub to another when using my phone is seamless and unnoticeable.

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I have bought a new samsung connect hub ( not the pro ). Followed the instructions but i could not find the option to setup the smartthings as it shows in the instructions.

I restarted again but nope! nothing. Any idea? IT says, the hub has a smartthings in it.


Hussein, in the hub itself there’s an option (within the Samsung Connect app) that allows you to turn on the SmartThings hub. From there you can add devices but seems like device support is very minimal compared to an actual ST Hub. I can see where I can add a ST hub to the Connect app and I can log into the API with my credentials for the Connect app (and see my Connect Home “hub” in it.) Problem I’m finding is the Smartapps aren’t really there either - so automations aren’t what they can be in SmartThings (vs. Connect Home.) Not sure if you can download other Smartapps that you currently use and put them into the IDE or not.