Samsung Connect (Smartthings) not connecting with iHome iSP6X

Anyone has the same problem? SmartThings Classic is fine, but the new app couldn’t connect to the plug. I tried HomeKit and iHome app and it worked fine. I have a Samsung Connect Home instead.

It is an iHome issue on their end. They performed a database update on 4/16. It knocked half of my iHome devices from ST. I had remove the plugs from ST and the iHome app, reset the plugs and add them back to get them working again. If you haven’t already, first try unplugging the plug from the outlet and plug it back in to see if it reconnects. IHome support basically said everything returned to working condition up to 24 hours after their update so they are clueless.

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Thanks. I did a full reset on the plug itself and remove it from iHome app and reimport it before and it’s still the same. I will try it again when I get home later today