Samsung Connect - Where is it at?

I’ve been away traveling for a couple months and haven’t had much time to visit here. I was approached by a co-worker yesterday who was interested in getting into SmartThings but was enticed by the Samsung Connect mesh system with integrated ST hub.

Personally, I’m not a fan of those kind of integrated devices, but space and cost are both concerns in this case. What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s a fully capable ST hub, or if the app or hardware is crippled in some way. Does it support the same level of custom DTH and SmartApps? I see that there is a new Connect app, but I cannot tell if it supports custom device handler UI’s. Can both apps be used if necessary?

Samsung as usual, is not providing much in the way of helpful information. Anyone have any experience with it?

Thanks. I would say I am surprised to hear that Samsung released another incomplete product but that would be a lie. I told my coworker to keep the devices separate because you’re more likely to upgrade the hub before you install a new wifi system.

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That’s my general advice to everyone as well.

The SmartThings Hub seems to be almost “permanently” priced at $50 now. With that relatively small increment, there’s no reason to look for savings via combined function product. The low price also suggests that a new ST Hub line may be on the horizon; but even if not; there’s no reason to put all eggs in one basket here.

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See the following: