Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System/SmartThings

I was under the impression that I’d be able to add the
Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System as a SmartThings hub to my SmartThings account. Is this the case or does the Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi only work with the Samsung Connect app.

I’m confused. Any help wold be appreciated.


confusion is understandable – – so far the announced features don’t match up with the released features. :scream:

So far everything that’s been posted to the forums, as well as a couple of knowledgebase articles, says that if you reset your existing SmartThings hub you can add it to a SmartThings connect system through the SmartThings connect app, but not that you can go the other way without using the Samsung Connect app First.

What you are suppposed to be able to do is add Samsung connect hub through the Samsung Connect app and then you should be able to also access it from the SmartThings mobile app.


However, as of 14 days ago that feature hadn’t been turned on yet. :disappointed_relieved:


But I would ask support to be sure.

The missing feature discussed in that thread is if you’re logging in using an email address that is both a Samsung Account and a SmartThings Account. The next mobile release will have the logic that allows you to select which service (Samsung vs. SmartThings) you intend to log in with.

In the mean time, you can log in with a Samsung account as long as a SmartThings account with the same email address doesn’t already exist in our system.

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Is the Samsung Connect App on a completely different platform than SmartThings or is the Samsung Connect App merely a different GUI to the same backend that the SmartThings app is using?

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There are so many topics open on this. I’m considering moving back to SmartThings from Almond.

I would like to consolidate with a single box like Connect or Connect Pro.

The big question here is: Can I use the SmartThings App (iOS, Android) with the Samsung Connect routers for controlling or not?

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Yes, you can use the Samsung Connect Home as a ST hub in the Smartthings App.

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Thank you. I ended up going with the V2 SmartThings hub as it was discounted so deeply on Amazon. Now I’m tied into this. I do hope the method to ‘migrate’ from one hub to another hub materializes.

The following may be useful for those following this topic.