Samsung connect and smartthings

We already have smart things in our home and i have just got a new samsung galaxy s6. I have installed the smartthings app and everything is working well, however when i try to merge the smart things hub into the samsung connect option on my phone it asks for a welcome code which implies i would be resetting everything up which i don’t want to do. please advise

dont connect the hub to samsung connect just let st reside in connect as a thing, anything you have in st should be replicated in connect anyway

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately that is not the case, it wont let me add anything to connect without adding a hub first and if i try to add the hub it asks for the welcome code,

Thats odd Mark, my connect auto populated with all my St stuff without issues, the hub is also there and if i select it it shows what is connected in the hub along with 2 other options for secure mode and fw updates on off.

In your Samsung Connect settings, is the Cloud Control on? My second home location ST hub and related stuff), disappears when this is turned off.

okay, so looking at my settings it appears that my samsung connect is linked to my samsung account not my household smartthings account, which might explain this, does any one know how to get samsung connect to look at a different account without messing everythnig else on my phone up?

okay so I have changed my phone to be logged int othe same email address acount as the smart things however i’m still getting the same issue, none of my devices are showing, any ideas any one?