Samsung Connect Home: Does it Work?

I am sure this topic has been discussed before, if so please redirect me.
I have a Smartthings Hub v2. All is well, I love it. I know how to connect things that require a custom device handler. I have an IDE account. I have even played around with some code. It works.
Now, I just got a Samsung Connect Home believing it is just a Wifi router with a Smartthings hub built-in. I am not sure that is correct. I have only been able to pair “standard” things to the Home Connect. Things that are in the app as “officially” supported. So far, I have had NO luck pairing things that need a custom device handler. I have setup a second Smartthings account (or is it a Samsung account?) for the Connect Home and have been able to install the device handlers in the IDE. However, using the newer Smartthings app (not the classic), I can not get any of my things to connect.

So, a few questions.

  • Does the Connect Home work with non-“official” things?
  • Should I try to use the Smartthings classic App instead, would that work?
  • (I would not be able to control the Wifi router, I know)
  • For example, is it possible to add them to my account, using the Classic App, and then have them show up in the newer Smartthings App?
  • Is there some tricks to make this all work.

The Wifi router works fine. I would like to see more control over it in the App, but it does work.

To make my Philips Hue lights work and connect, I had to plug the Hue hub directly into the Connect Home Router. Is it correct? It’s a bit of a pain, since I have to co-locate the Smartthings and Philips hub. I also have to be corrected to the Connect Home Wifi itself to reach the Philips Hub. Not a big problem, but why?

I paid a lot of money for the Samsung Home Connect, and now I am wondering if I made a mistake. It’s a bit strange that Smartthings choose to reproduce a newer device with less capacity than the old one. Any help would be useful. Thanks

Yet another case of Samsung creating HUGE confusion with how they’ve handled this upgrade mess.

Your questions:

  1. Yes, It does - see next. You’re basically correct in that it’s a full mesh wifi router with a builtin V2 Hub.
  2. OMG Yes. When in doubt use the classic app. Don’t use the ‘new app’ unless you explicitly have a reason… In your control the wifi router. YES you can go back and forth in the apps using the same login. So in your case, you may not be able to control (most) things in the new app but you should see the same things in both as long as you login with that new Sammy ID you made. (We’ll ignore the fact that you didn’t have to do that in the first place)

I finally had my old ST account migrated to a Samsung account last week. (It went mostly well) and now I have this exact experience. I have the new app because I have a Galaxy 8 and it’s installed and upgraded by default. You’ll get my classic app when you pry it from my cold dead hands - or whenever they get full functionality in the new app - I’m betting dead happens first.
3) See previous
4) See previous
5) you guessed it, see previous…

As to your Hue questions - I’m not a Hue user so I’ll leave that to another.


Thanks for the information. I will try using the classic app. We will see if it helps.
I don’t understand the difference between a Smartthings account and a Samsung account. But that’s for another day. Thanks, again.

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You can’t uninstall the new app from your S8? I was able to uninstall the new app from my S9, no problem.

You can disable pre-installed apps but you can’t Uninstall them.

But SmartThings wasn’t part of the S8 load, you say… :slight_smile:

In my S8, it came with connect installed. And when the new updates came out it auto updated connect to SmartThings (new). I can Uninstall the update, but Connect is still there, as it’s in the base load. Yes I can disable that, but it was just easier to ignore it.

I will say now that my ST account has been updated to my Sammy ID it’s nice to see the devices all in one place, but its still nowhere near useful for me yet. :slight_smile:

Yeah…my s9 came with connect installed and after i installed classic i uninstalled connect and it’s gone. I just checked my apps list too…it’s completely gone. I’m on verizon if that makes a difference. Have you been updated to Android 8.0 yet? The biggest indicator is that if i got back to the play store and look at SmartThings (Samsung Connect) it gives me the option to Install it, not enable it. So, i think that some Samsung phone can have the connect app removed from.

You can install custom devices to the Connect Home, even using the new app. One thing to check is that you have the device handler installed in the correct location. Since you now have two hubs, you will also have two locations. So she. You login right ide, make sure to select the correct location before you install the handler.

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Mines AT&T. And yes it’s on 8.0

That is really odd. Why would they require it on the S8 but not the S9? have you tried uninstalling since you installed classic? Maybe it requires one or the other but not both. I definitely installed classic before uninstalling Connect.

Just a quick update. I just successfully paired a couple of new devices to my Connect Home, using the Classic App.They needed a custom device handler. It worked first time. Never worked using the new App. I really don’t understand why the App should even matters. Surely, it’s the hub that does the pairing? How does the App fit it?
Anyway, a big “Thank You” to nathancu for providing the information.

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The new app doesn’t support custom DTH’s.

I just tried to pair my new Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensors with my Samsung Connect Home, US_CA. And they WORK. They have been reporting for over 2 days, no problems. Has something changed? I never could get them to successfully pair before. They would never connect for more than an hour.
I paired using the classical app. (I never use the new app). I am using the driver from bspranger, version 1.3.