Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.52.21

We will be rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.52.21 to Samsung Connect Home and SmartThings WiFi devices beginning on Monday, May 20th. This firmware update is for the SmartThings Hub portion of these devices and does not affect the router functionality. Once downloaded, the SmartThings portion of your hub will briefly go offline as the update is applied; during this time the router portion of the device will continue to function. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • All Samsung Connect Home Models
  • Samsung SmartThings WiFi

Estimated Release Period: 20 May 2024 ~ 05 June 2024

Note that this release could be spread out over multiple weeks, so you may not see your Hub update on the first day of the release period. This release period is an estimate, so the rate of hubs updated and final completion date may vary slightly within the timeframe. Please check the status page for more up to date information on this release.

Release Notes


  • Added resiliency to reconfigure Zigbee devices in the event of system errors after the device join
  • Fixed certain driver crashes on JSON decoding numerical object keys
  • Fixed an edge case where Hue/Sonos devices were joining through non-Driver path
  • OpenSSL upgraded to 1.1.1t (from 1.1.1n) to address the CVEs
  • Added support for LAN drivers to optionally define search parameters to prevent running discovery (saving system resources) unless a device matching those terms is found. Drivers without search parameters defined will not see any change in behavior.
  • These parameters should start being used automatically for SmartThings official LAN drivers.
  • Additional documentation and details are forthcoming to be used for Non-SmartThings owned community drivers.
  • Minor Lua optimizations to decrease memory usage by drivers
  • Fixed an issue where drivers could drop bytes during partial receives on cosock TLS sockets
  • Fixed an issue that caused LAN child devices not to be marked offline when the parent device was online
  • Increased the delay on join before telling sleepy Z-Wave devices to sleep to ensure they are fully configured.
  • Fix a bug where battery-powered Z-Wave devices go to sleep before they are fully configured on the initial join.
  • Changes default configuration for the following Zigbee clusters to reduce battery drain. Users may want to re-add contact, motion, or temperature sensors if they notice high battery drain. Configuration changes included:
  • The measured temperature should now only send spontaneous reports if the temp changes by 1C (up from .16C), and the maximum time between reports is now 10 minutes, up from 5.
  • The Intruder Alarm System Zone cluster is no longer a configured/monitored attribute, meaning the hub will no longer ping it if it hasn’t been reported and instead rely on the device sending us spontaneous reports.
  • Functionality to support Hub Replace feature as original hub.
  • Fixed a rare case where Hubs would lose their Z-Wave functionality and not recover unless rebooted.

Edge Drivers

  • Added the ability to delete LAN and EDGE_CHILD devices from the driver that manages them. The Philips Hue driver will now automatically add devices when they are added to the Hue bridge and delete them when they are removed from the Hue bridge.
  • Library Updates:
    • Updated native json module to allow for JSON array encoding of lua tables, and added documentation explaining differences between native json module and dkjson.
    • Upgraded the luncheon http library for bugfixes and to enable chunked encoding.
    • Updated lustre websocket library for flexibility in websocket handshake headers.
    • Upgraded xml2lua library to pull in new features.
    • Deprecated st.base64 library in favor of GitHub - iskolbin/lbase64 at v1.5.3 79.
  • Fix an issue where Driver logs were printed out of order
  • Improved Recoverability of Drivers for rare corner cases

Device Firmware Updates

  • Automatic device firmware updates will be enabled by default on newly claimed hubs
  • The options for device firmware updates are changing as follows:
    • Disabled → Manual update - you have the option to manually apply an update on a device-by-device basis if one is available.
    • Enabled / Enabled with Lights → Automatic update - if an update is available, it will be applied automatically with some exceptions, including Zigbee lights known to turn on after the update and battery-powered devices with < 15% battery remaining.

HOORAY AN UPDATE! …but will the plume/opensync side of things be resolved so the hubs can actually optimize their connection and work as a mesh router.


Someone pinch me… I think I’m dreaming!


Based on the comment

This firmware update is for the SmartThings Hub portion of these devices and does not affect the router functionality.

I would guess a fix for Plume is not in this release.

Also doesn’t mention thread/matter.


I was getting frustrated by the lack of information regarding whether or not this was ever going to come for Smartthings Wifi; this is a very nice surprise!

The fact they now support hub replacement at least allow us to move to the V3 easily :slight_smile: that is music to my ears!


Man, I just spent 2 weeks manually migrating off of a WiFi hub and on to a v3 hub. Due to the lack of updates I figured the WiFi line of hubs was abandoned. This update was an unexpected surprise.

Despite the update I don’t think the roadmap looks too rosy for these hubs. It would’ve been nice to have a working “Replace Hub” feature a few weeks ago, though. And, has been mentioned, the Plume app is still hopelessly broken.

My Asus tri-band WiFi is delivering speeds that are 5-6x what SmartThings could deliver, so I can’t say I have any regrets. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think we’ll see Matter on these hubs based on the fact that it shows Matter as Unsupported, as opposed to Unavailable, in the AWA.

Wait wait wait wait wait … omg … I thought Christmas only came in July and December, but now in May too? :christmas_tree: The Samsung Gods must’ve woken up from their deep deep slumber.

:crossed_fingers: this is a good / helpful update for everyone.

And it actually brings the Wi-Fi hubs to the same level as v2/v3/Aeotec hubs!

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First Post!
Finally an update for the SmartThings WiFi hub, first one since July 2023 with HotFix 0.47.12…
I too reported an issue with the WiFi Plume/HomePass back in early March 2024 (same issue as reported by Felixonw) where hubs are in constant optimization/calculating and seems not to protect anymore, as no Guard info available either. I have been in touch with customer support through email, only to be told each time that its been escalated to the higher support team... there are probably many level to get to the higher support team (its been over 10 weeks as of now…). Lets say that keeping contact is NOT Samsung customer forte (4 weeks w/o any contact on their part). Anyway, here we are now with this update, but no words about the router portion to be updated with THIS I just emailed back to my contact at Samsung and asked about it. I will get a reply in 1-2 business days... but dont hold your breath… I just wish that there has been a section that deals with the Plume/HomePass WiFi portion of the device and the process to have it updated (or not).

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They were very clear about it in the description:

"This firmware update is for the SmartThings Hub portion of these devices and does not affect the router functionality.”


You`re correct, but since this product, as a whole, has WiFi built-in, it would have been an opportunity for Samsung to communicate their plan wrt the router portion. In past release, there was a note like “This hub firmware update requires your SmartThings Wifi or Samsung Connect Home to be running the most current firmware version for the router portion. If a new router firmware version is available, you can download using the steps below…”. Hopefully, an update for the router will come soon, otherwise, my hubs might turn into high-priced coffee mug warmer :slightly_smiling_face:

I just noticed Homepass was not tracking devices, security events, etc, been scouring the web for hours and saw Timo’s link here. Thanks!
I’m not an IT guy but is Homepass providing any network security or is the home network open?

Anyone with a Smartthings Connect Home or Smartthings WiFi hub seeing this firmware update yet?

Not yet for me… I’m very anxious that we’ll have issues like the regular hub updates.

Nothing yet.
Not sure if roll out is regional, but I’m in Canada.

Be patient and you will eventually get the update. No need to ask if others have received it because it does not indicate when you or anyone else will receive theirs. I doubt you will find a pattern based on Location/Region/Country/hub model, etc.

Plan on getting it by June 5th - it the recent history of updates shows - there are quite many who don’t get it until the final hours. :slight_smile:

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I’m aware that it will roll out over a couple of weeks, and I am not writing out of impatience, or out of a desire to predict when I’ll get it. I would, however, be interested in confirmation that the rollout is moving forward because I was surprised to not see any reports this far.

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Hi IOTFan ok it’s look like hub calculating issue with plume is something as know by Samsung? I have this issue since few months I’m trying to contact Samsung and also Plume and no one’s are able to help me with that… I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one with this calculating issue, i was starting to think I was the only one with this problem…

Did you get any link, information, forum where some speak about this issue regarding this problem, ?? I’m trying to search everywhere I never found any information at all regarding this problem… Thanks if you have some kind of information, link, article, forum…

If i understand correctly the problem occurs since last update of this wifi hub or what’s… And I’m not alone… Mine problem begin like 1-2-3 months ago… don’t remember exactly when…

Hope they will fix this issue soon…