Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.45.11

Yeah, my house went into away mode because my virtual presence sensors turned off :slight_smile:

So, at least my Schlage BE469ZP is now communicating with the hub. Problem is that the lock codes aren’t displaying in SLGA and I get an error trying to create a code on the lock.

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Ok, deleting and then reinstalling SLGA fixed the issues.

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Nope. Just different models of Samsung hubs which included a Wi-Fi mesh router and because they are so different, they are not on the same update schedule and don’t have the same firmware as the V3 or Aeotec hubs. But they are still smartthings hubs.


Which wifi devices?

These drivers don’t add devices when scanning:

These add, but don’t work:

There are others, but these are my primary ones I need working.

Try this Sonos Edge Driver which is Websocket based. It is working for me.

That is the issue… Because the point of having the wifi hub is to have its own subnet. So having devices on the original subnet doesn’t make sense. We want use the router as intended. I have a really old modem, that I don’t want to use to control my devices.

I don’t see a link to the driver.

Sorry, thought it was there but it’s just the thread for discussing issues. The driver is in the Official ST channel

How did you add the Sonos speaker back into smartthings? I added the beta ST edge driver…but no scanning on the local network or adding by brand name picks up my Sonos SL1.

Just did a Scan Nearby.

Neither did mine. Although I have the Sonos already aaded with the older non-edge driver. Do I need to remove that one first? Does this new driver work with speaker notifications?

Doesn’t seem like it since “Play message on speaker” is greyed out as an action.

That’s a deal breaker then… Thanks anyway.

Hey all! Have anyone tried to add a Matter labeled device to the WiFi hub? I’m curious if indeed this latest firmware update already adds Matter compatibility.

if you open the hub in the ST app, look for the 3 logos: zigbee, z-wave and matter. If the Matter logo is shown then the hub supports Matter :slight_smile:

:frowning: I can only see both zigbee and Zwave, not matter

Hi! @nayelyz. Do you happen to know when the Smartthings WiFi Hubs will have Matter compatibility?


I have a smartthings wifi hub… and it supports matter now after update. On iOS.
It is a Samsung connect home pro… not the plume version. Oh and the firmware updated even though I turned off the wifi portion of the hub and only have it being used as a smartthings hub now.