Samsung Connect Home Pro Mesh Router - Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again

After a month of no response from level 2/3 Samsung tech support, I am posting my issue here - in a last ditch attempt.
The issue is that I am unable to access the main hub, after a day or so of initialling adding the hub, via Smartthings Connect iOS app; and, i am unable to register an additional hub to extend the wifi network, even though my phone and other devices maintain an active wifi connection to the main hub.
I received the following pop up error message in Smartthings Connect app, after selecting the Connect Home Mesh Router within my Devices section, “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”.
Also, when attempting to add/extend another Samsung Connect Home Mesh router, I receive the following on screen error message within the Samsung Connect iOS app, “Can’t detect Wi-Fi hub.”.
I have done all of the normal remedial steps, but nothing seems to work: reset the hubs, reboot my modem, tested internet connectivity, added back (re-pair) the hub to Smartthings.
Anyone here experience similar issues? Thanks for any help!

Same issue here, have ticket open with Level 3 support.
Just want to change the Wifi part to Bridge.
On samsung support site I see many people with same problem.
No solution yet.
Can you check in the IDE and post what device handler its using?
Mine says “Samsung OCF Cell Router”

IDE does list my Connect Home Pro, under “My Devices”, as the Type of “Samsung OCF Cell Router”.

Also, it seems that others are experiencing the same issues:

I did post there too. Still waiting for tier 3 support.

Same issue for my pro. My pro works fine for at least one week, but 2 days after I added another pro as the sub, the app can not connect to the pro. After I logout and login the app again, I can see a “Smartthings hub” shows right after the mesh wifi with the status “connected”. Looks like the app can still control the Smartthings hub module of the mesh wifi, but can not connect to the wifi device.


Facing same issue