Samsung connect home pro problems

I set up a samsung connect home pro next work about three weeks ago. I have three hubs in a mesh network. While the internet works when I go into the app to enable the smart things hub I receive a network error message and the toggle switch is greyed out. I have been in contact with Samsungs support team both but their turn around time and choice of communication with their customers is atrociously slow. At this point I al close to giving up and trying alternative products… My phone is an Iphone running the newest firmware. I tried to set up the hubs using a samsung galaxy mote but that did not work either (although an update was released yesterday but I am not sure what it fixed but it did not fix my issue).image

I am also experiencing similar issues,
app says unable to connected to Wifi Hub, while its on and connected to internet as I can control smartthing devices remotely , it happens couple of times to me , so have to rest hub every time this happens

Did either of you ever find a resolution that you can share? I get the following everytime I try to access my wifi settings on my hub.