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@SBDOBRESCU Good to know its not just me, terrible though for them to advertise it in the app store like it has these features and then there not there. Will confuse everyone. Hopefully it gets fixed soon

Again folks… buy it today only if it does what you want, today. Buying for “future features” is foolish. We’ve seen enough of these promises to know not to put any trust in them getting fulfilled.


If this feature doesn’t come to life, I would care as much as I care about the ST extend. Both great ideas, nice to have perks for two amazing products. After I spent 2 days on the Galaxy S8, I must admit, Sami hit it out of the park! This is an amazing phone hands down!


Looks like the support articles are live…

@T1tentrum keep us updated if you make progress solving your connect problems

This application is in the notification window. We are pressing on them and they are asking us to add things. We add our hub, thinking that could add our things. We are never told that our hub will be erased, that if you do that, you will not be able to go back. Should we absolutely subscribe to 25 forum and read 500 tutorial to use home automation. I find it totally unprofessional to put an application so easy to reach without warning. I have 50 thing and many programs for nest and dsc alarm with envisalink. Many core piston and smartapp. I have mqtt and home assistant. Starting over again is very discouraging.


If your hub is already claimed in the SmartThings App you can’t add it to Samsung Connect. You’d need to reset it first. I don’t think there’s any path you could take that would wipe your hub/SmartThings account, without you explicitly going in and deleting your SmartThings location.

I still have access to my account and I see all my things. But my hub is offline. If I reset the hub and I sign in with my account. Is it possible my account link the new hub

Contact, I have no idea what state your system is in :slight_smile: .

I contact support. If I reset my hub. I erase everything

I don’t erase my account but all my z-wave is ready for pairing in samsung connect when I put device in inclusion mode. I never put my things in exclusion mode. He even excluded them and all my things were ready for inclusion.
MY hub is offline but I have possibility to adjust nest temperature. And I see door contact when is open or close (python server)

I reset hub tomorrow and I will see after
thank you for your reply.

Support ".I was able to get your Hub back online here by pushing a ping out to it, so things should be good on the SmartThings side once again so things should be good to go there!.

I restart smartthings, I restart router but a simple ping for resolve problems, but all z-wave don’t work but just that it’s easy

I was looking forward to the Connect app and am totally shocked that you have to reset it to factory and build everything up from scratch! You really would have though that Samsung would have leveraged on the existing Cloud setup that so many have invested so much time and effort in and provide a simple way to just add the Hub to Connect but no, it looks like we are at the back of the queue not to mention that similar promises were made with “migration” tools which never materialized.

Does anyone know how the device config works, does Connect link to IDE as it does with SmartThings? There seems to me little to no info out there which also sucks!

Disappointed is an understatement!


Hey, think of the bright side. You have options with SmartThings, if you are using Samsung Artik, you have no options, yet. I don’t believe the officil launch happened yet, so we may get more details, then…

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It should be expected.

Hey, I thought this “new” firmware was going to clean up the technical debt.


It’s not officially launched yet. See the many posts outlining this above.

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Launched or not, the option to add the Hub and devices is there in the Connect App now so there will be people resetting their hubs to add them to Connect (already happened above), many will not realize that they will lose all their config and ST setup etc. There is little info out there which does not help the situation. Apologies if I have missed any announcements and further info, perhaps you can drop me a link to them please.

The thing here is that Samsung have pushed the Connect app with the S8 and people, especially those who are into this sort of thing, people on here who already have it all configured are the ones who are most likely to adopt it fully but in reality cannot. Let’s face it the first thing that should have been released is a tool to migrate over and keep both apps/configs running but apparently this is not the case.

As Aaron states above there is no timeline for any sort of migration tool for existing ST users. As you say it is not released yet but the reality is that the option is now live in the Connect app, I would be prepared for quite a few support calls and some disgruntled people who without thinking have reset their hubs to add them to Connect leaving themselves starting from scratch :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to carry on with ST as was, I was simply looking forward to Connect. So let’s see, after the official release (when is it supposed to be seeming as the functionality is now live?) if we are still all in the same boat or if there is some good news for us all (not going to bet on this one though lol)


Wow good thing I read through the thread. I was 1 minute away from adding my hub to the new app!

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This is my biggest concern:

I purchased the hub less than a year ago and also purchased an expensive router that I now understand will be “obsolete” as SmartThings now is going to require me to purchase THEIR ROUTER to make this new CONNECT APP work on my galaxy s8. What about all of my integrations, apps, rules, etc I’ve made in the IDE? Sure, I think it would be nice to use this new app on my shiny new phone, but at what cost?

My s7 edge got the Samsung Connect app this morning.

The super annoying thing about this new all in one, box does it all nonsense, none of them support moca, and if you’re a fios user you know what a pita it is to replace the crap router they give you…

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