New: Samsung Connect Home - An adition to or planned replacement for SmartThings?

The announcement today, March 29, 2017, of Samsung Connect Home seems to carry the concern that since this can be used according to the article in place of a SmartThings hub, that potentially this may lead to the current SmartThings hub being replaced and made obsolete. See The device will apparently be set up to be able to talk in the future to a number of Samsung products automatically. Evidently also, you can put multiple ones within the same household, which is not so much the case with the SmartThings hub. Anyone else have some mixed feelings about this twist of events?

You bet. The party is in full swing just around the corner:


I was wondering the same thing last night as I was playing around with the connect app on my new galaxy S8 and reading another post about others who are trying to migrate things over (and breaking things). First of all, I just bought a hub about 6 months ago AND I recently purchased an expensive AC router. I don’t like the fact that I would need to now purchase their “router” making my current setup “obsolete.” AND, what about all of the back-end customizations I’ve made in the IDE using community integrations, apps, rules, etc.??? Don’t like this new plan at all. I would love a new integration with this new phone I just purchased, but not at the expense of everything else I put so much money and TIME into. Nope.

What am I missing? I cannot see anywhere that is states that the existing hub will be made obsolete?!? People are speculating and worrying over nothing. Yes eventually hardware does become obsolete and needs replacing but there is no mention of this happening not to mention there are far too many users out there for this to happen before you will probably update it off your back anyway. Nothing stopping you buying the new integrated solution of course but there is no way you will be forced to do so for a very long time yet.

Personally I think Samsung have shot themselves in the foot a little. What they should have released off the bat is a way for existing Smartthings users to port over to Connect and be able to use both systems together (Smartthings & Connect). I mean how many ‘new’ users are going to install Connect and run out and buy the hardware because of the app.

Still just a typical dumb-ass move on Samsungs part yet again!

I too am interested in this.

I wonder if the new Samsung Connect Home will have a new and replaced SDK, potentially rendering the existing user codebases (SmartApps etc) obsolete?

My company wants to start investing in the SmartThings ecosystem but can’t until we know if the SDK is going to completely change with the release of the Connect Home.

I just purchased two Smartthings v2 less than one month ago. It is understandable that things become obsolete, but if these will be unsupported/obsolete very soon it would only be fair to let users know. I would ask to return them and get the new hub.

I do not need the wifi router and access point function. If the smartthings part of the new hubs is the same then all is well.

The Samsung Connect Home is a new product and it’s not meant to replace our Hub V2. We’re going to continue to market and sell our Hub V2 for the foreseeable future.

As part of the Samsung Connect launch it’s probable that you’ll see new developer tools unveiled later this year, but we don’t have any announcements there yet.

If you aren’t looking for a router there is no reason to purchase the Samsung Connect Home over a Hub V2.

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Thank you very much for that answer. I have had mine up for just a few days shy of one month, all is well.

  So... about a month ago. I purchased the SmartThings home monitoring kit and an Asus RT- AC5300 router so that my signal would reach to the far reaches of my house. Haven't opened the box yet as I am currently refurbishing my home. I waited, researched these buys to make sure I wouldn't experience "buyers remorse," and "pulled the trigger" on the purchase. Needless to say, the v2 hub is _just_ out of its return period, is now $50 less than what I paid for it and _Samsung Connect Home_ is now available. My fiancé winces when I say "smart house" citing it as being a novelty and she has griped about the expense involved in creating an automated home. There is no way that I can cry to _her_about this turn of events as I would _never_ live it down. So, here I am to see if any of my fellow community members have any cheese to go with my whine. Ok, rant over.

When it comes to technology, watching prices after you buy something can induce buyers remorse. Tech is constantly improving and replacing other versions. Once you buy, just start using and enjoying your purchase instead of being upset over advancements in new products that were not even available at the time.

The new Samsung Connect Home is similar but not the same as Smartthings hub. The Connect Home is a WiFi router plus a hub built in. I have no need for the router so just a hub is all I need and is cheaper than buying the Connect Home.

Hi Tyler, can you tell me if there are any plans to release the SmartThings Hub into the Australian market? All of the people I have spoken to have had to bring them in from the States. We need our own version to comply with Government regulations. Thanks, Mike