Samsung Connect App

The official release of Galaxy S8 is upon us, and among the many new features, there is one that is IoT centric. Samsung Connect App:

“Through its key features including easy setup, automatic connectivity and customization, Samsung Connect provides users with a more integrated approach to the smart home. Currently compatible with select 2017 Samsung IoT-enabled devices, Samsung Connect will support third-party devices with the SmartThings hub in the future.”

@Tyler , I think you’ve mentioned in a different Thread that much work has been done on this Integration. Do you have anything to add?


Nothing new to add right now :wink:


Hey @Tyler what do you think about this advice I’ve got from the S8 Customer support…

"Hey there! Thanks for reaching out!

At this time, the ability to connect SmartThings devices to a SmartThings Hub via the Samsung Connect application is not available. Once we have a full launch, the catalog will populate with devices that you are able to connect to your Hub.

One thing I feel I should mention, however, is that if you are currently using SmartThings with the SmartThings Application, it is best if you continue doing so as this is a completely separate interface that will require your devices to be removed from your current SmartThings configurations and then added to the Samsung Connect application.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! We’re more than happy to assist in any way we can. You may reply to this message by clicking the “Add Question” button at the bottom.



W.T.F.? :scream: :confounded:


Exactly my thoughts…


Beans spilled? I hope this is just an example of the guy answering emails not fully understanding.

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@SBDOBRESCU - The support team is not provided all of the information to prevent leaks etc. Here is the plan:

Right now - you will need to manually remove everything from the ST app and set it up in the Samsung Connect app
Near term - Customers that are already set up in the Samsung Connect app will be freely able to move back and forth between the SC and ST apps.
Slightly longer than near term - Existing ST customers will be able to migrate over to the SC app (and freely switch back and forth) without needing to manually remove/re-add everything.

(note - I am not publishing or offering timelines)


WOW! I really thought it was just an ill-informed response on behalf of Samsung’s customer support. Your confirmation is really shocking. I thought the Connect app would just leverage the cloud to connect to SmartThings. I assume that this move is between SmartThings and Connect Home. Or else how would my phone be able to include zigbee/zwave devices?

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Bad news is SC is a totally separate environment. Good news is, there will be a migration tool, which might come in handy even for ST backup/migration. Definitely speculating and reading into things too much, but that’s all we can do at this point.

edit: nevermind, i read Aarons post as moving devices. Sounds like just app access between the environments while your devices stay put.

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The SmartThings plug-in for Samsung Connect hasn’t even launched yet. This is a non-issue :slight_smile:

There are a few announcements you’ll see over the next week or two that will clear some of this up.


I arrived at the same conclusion after re-reading @Aaron 's post. I cannot logically justify the need of using one or the other app (and not both), but hey…if they had to do it, it must be one…

Man you guys didn’t lie that you’ve been super busy! Good luck with the launch and thanks for chiming in… to both of you … @Aaron

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Aha! :slight_smile:


Ok someone who has used this app " samsung connect " want to help me out here. I understand that smartthings items are not yet going to populate over there, but there still a few issues and missing features on the connect app that are being shown by samsung that i dont see how to use:

  1. To manually add devices it says to select categories. No categories are populating for me in connect app.
  2. Cant find anywhere on the connect app on how to add routines or automate any items, even though theres screenshots of this in the google play store as if its suppose to be in there.
  3. Lets you create a place. so I create a place called bedroom. Now under bedroom i add a samsung tv device. Doesnt show up under the room view. Only way i see it is if i look under ALL THINGS on samsung connect. If i look through places/rooms i created, nothing is there, like you would assume would be the point of creating a place, to organize the items by place.

Anyone else have all these issues? This is after this mornings update btw

@SBDOBRESCU How did you get connect to connect with your hub already?

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That’s an image from their website.

Voodoo magic. lol I didn’t, is just a picture from the Sami website… :slight_smile: I did however connect my TV in both ST app and SC app…

@njbrodeur87 they are just getting started. Much of this is not ready yet. Only today was I able to discover my AVR and TV. So things are starting to move slowly.

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@SBDOBRESCU haha i got it.

And yea i get that but the app store literally has screenshots of things i mentioned working but there not in the app. Really confusing. Are the issues i described above happening to you as well?

Are you Serious, What a joke!!!

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Identical experience. I actually laughed because I created a place called Bedroom too…