Routine Runs but I Can’t Find/See It (Jan 2024)

If I look in history I see the routine activated but I cant see the routine anywhere, to either delete it or edit it.

I’ve went into the actual device, looked under routines and it isn’t there.

It’s also not in smart lighting.

Have you tried Tod’s API+ browser ? I find it quite an easy way to see/delete routines/rules etc.

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look in the Advanced API Click Here under rules.

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I don’t see ‘rules’ on there. :thinking:

Also couldn’t see it on there

You have to choose “advanced users“ from the menu in the upper right to get to the page that lists the rules.

Or go straight there:

And choose the decision tree icon in the left selection bar.


Although the Advanced Web App claims to list ‘Rules’ it actually only lists Routines. Todd’s API Browser+ will show Rules created in the Rules API using a personal access token.

Given it isn’t a Routine, in Smart Lighting, or a Rule created using a PAT, we are narrowing down the possibilities for what it could be without anything being broken.

Have you ever created a Rule using another app? I am particularly thinking of the CLI as Rules created using that aren’t visible elsewhere, but the same would be true with other apps.

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I was thinking maybe Sharptools but then after I checked I remembered moving anything that I can run local back over to Smartthings so it’s definitely in there. Somewhere.

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I’m going to have to delete this device as I can’t see this routine anywhere. :weary:

I’m seeing this with more and more routines.
The routines still run and I can see the routine activating when you go into history and scroll through the timeline but you can’t actually see the routine, either within the device itself and going into what routines are getting used by this devices, or by going into the routine section and looking. They are not there.

What’s going on? Has anyone else had/have this issue?

Is no one actually getting this issue?

Have these routines that you can see running recently disappeared from view, or are they old ones that you’d forgotten about?

No I use them daily. Just can’t see them. It’s very frustrating because I want to tweak them.

And they don’t appear in the “In Use By” section of the device on the AWA? Nor in the “Routines” of the AWA as well?

Nope. Gone. :frowning:

This is very frustrating. Who can I speak to to look into this. Here’s all the routines associated with this heater. And here is the routines name within history. The routine just triggered yet I can see it at all.

lol this is happening again.
Can’t see this routine anywhere and really need to access it. :frowning:

Is there a support page? I’ve never had to report any issues but this one really needs looked at.


in the ST app, tap on Menu and select Contact us.


I am seeing this also, in some cases:

  • not all rules are appearing against the devices in the app
  • not all (sometimes none of) the rules are showing against the device in the AWA

The ‘missing’ rules:

  • do not appear in the routine lists in both app and AWA
  • in the app they can be seen by search filtering and subsequently edited
  • they run OK
  • on creating a new rule (or recreating an original) they seem appear against the device and in the lists
  • as they can not be seen against the device they can not be turned off

I am seeing this on many devices (Sonos, blinds, sensors) but is most noticeable on 6 button (fibaro) ‘remotes’ which show anything from 12 to 22, but never the full compliment of, rules in the app and AWA. I have one ‘remote’ in particular that controls mainly a Sonos speaker and the rules shown against each device differ in the app and the AWA (AWA seems to take a while to get the rule list, initially showing none, against some devices also).

UK, V2 Hub, Android - all current versions, stock drivers (in the main), running circa 200 devices, 310 rules according to manual count in app but only 249 reported in AWA & 10 scenes.

Rules (AWA) = Routines (App)

Edit: Problem reported from app this morning - not expecting anything immediate but :crossed_fingers:

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