New App. Routines „work“ but can’t find them to edit?

I ported to new app, and have several routines that are working but can not find them , to edit them. Ie. Motion sensor turns on three light switches., but only from 6am to 12 noon. Works just fine, but can’t seem to find routine anywhere. There are 3-4 others, too. Doesn’t show under devices or routines. What am I missing? Thanks.

In the new app, go to the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen)
There are sections for both Automations and scenes.

RoutInes from the Classic app would have been migrated to a possible mixture of those.

…and don’t forget Smart Lighting. Might be in there!

Thanks. Found it under Lighting. I go so use used to finding it under the Device. Maybe I could have traced it with the IDE?

Yes, this (that) feature is (was) priceless. I’m not sure if there is a technical issue that is preventing an equal feature in the New App but it should (must) be figurehead out. I have devices that have 15 different rules spread over 5 or so different Apps. Would be a nightmare trying to figure out what did what when and how. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah. I’m old…63…lol… visually impaired and have a really rare and weird neuromuscular disease. Sometimes in a wheelchair. I’ve enjoyed automating my house during remissions, so I have better control over my environment. Lights, garage doors, temps, locks , fire alarms, leak detection, cameras, even a few blinds (using chicken house door controllers) When something like software changes dramatically and I’m feeling poorly it is a real chore to catch up. It all started when the EMTs had to knock down my door to get i about 3 years ago. My poor wide thinks I’m a nut, but I love a gadget…was a dentist.