Old Automation still active but I need to remove it

I can’t find it anywhere. Not in my list of Automations but it keeps doing what it’s supposed to every night at 10 PM. I need to remove it but can’t find it. Where else can I look other than my Automation Routines? Thanks!

If you tap on the device that’s being acted on by the automation, then the “smartapps” tab, what shows up there?

It shows the time it was turned off each night. All are within 1-3 of 10 PM.

That sounds like the “recently” tab. I’m talking about the “smartapps” tab immediately to the right of that.

Ah yes. I see the routine there! Why is it not listed on the main Automation -> Routine page I wonder.

Are you sure it’s a routine?

A routine is just one kind of smartapp that can act on your devices.

It looks like one. I have the switch set to turn off when Things Quiet Down which uses a motion sensor.

If you tap on the routine from that smartapps tab, does the routine settings page pop up? Can you delete it from there?

Yes, it pops up and I have the red Remove button available so I’ll delete it from here. Thanks!

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