Resolved: Hidden routine

I was messing around with routines, trying to get something to work via the app.
I now have this routine that runs from a motion sensor, but I do not have a routine with that name anymore (listed in History).
History says “Routine activated”.
I deleted all the routines associated with that specific motion sensor (from what the motion sensor has listed) but this routine still runs.
I turned off all my Routines and it still runs.
Nothing under Smart Lighting has that name either.
On the website under Routines only my scenes are listed non of my Routines. So can’t do anything there.
I don’t know where else to look but under Automations in the app.

have you ever used Rules API?

Not that I recall.
This looks like a rule I had recently renamed.
It may had been a Smart Lighting rule that is no longer listed.
Thanks for the reply.

I just deleted the motion sensor and re added it.