RGB Light Connect App

Anyone any idea why I get 2 different device pages for the OSRAM custom DTH:

And the Fibaro custom DTH ?

Any idea what the triggers are ?


I assume each are using different handlers? That’s what determines what is shown in the app.


Yes, what I meant is what, in the DTH code, determines which is used ?

Do you have links to the DTH you are using for each?

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Sorry, i’m not sure what your question/request is. You’re using two different DTHs as you have two different devices, and those two DTHs have been coded to have different UIs.

Do you want them to be the same? If so, you can either contact either/both developers and ask them to change theirs, or change one of them yourself to make it look like the other. Or pay someone to do that.

I understand that they are coded differently, for the Classic App. The tile settings don’t seem to make any difference in the Connect App, it seems to be a standard fixed layout, just wondering what triggers the Connect App to use which template.
I’ll do some more experimenting, thanks

Ah, ok, so they’re appearing the same in the classic app but not in the new app?

I don’t have the answer, but this thread may give some hints. The mnmn and vid attributes seem to be used by the new app.

Yes that’s it, they’re essentially the same in the Classic App, I have added the same mnmn and vid attriutes to both (generic-rgbw-color-bulb) so the devices are actually useable in the new app. It is strange, I’ve tried to replicate the Osram one, when I create a new test one it just shows up like the Fibaro one. Must be something simple…

Hate to say it, but it might be time to strip the DTH down to the bare minimum and then put it back together, bit by bit…

Yes sounds like a plan. Thanks.

So, If I copy all the OSRAM code, create a new device handler, save it, delete all the code and paste all the fibaro code in and save and publish it changes it to the OSRAM device page layout !

Tried this a few times, on the fibaro one, and a Yeelight one I have made

What the hell ?

Since there isn’t any documentation on custom devices and how to get them work in the new app, it’s hard to tell what could be causing it. Could be z-wave vs zigbee. Could be the manufacturer metadata. Could be the Fibaro handler having additional capabilities in the handler (sensor, energy, power) and missing one (color temperature). Who knows!