Fibaro RGBW

Hi all, I have just got a new V2 hub and Fibaro RGBW controller. I have added the Fibaro device to the hub and it appears in the smartthings app on my phone…I have also added codersaur : Fibaro RGBW Controller DTH in Smartthing IDE.

My issue is that although the Fibaro device appears to be installed correctly I can see no way of actually controlling my LEDs…there is no controller visible on my phone and if i click on the Fibaro RGBW tile in my Devices is says it cant connect to the device…any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you assign the dth to the device in the IDE?

With the @codersaur dth you should be able to set colours and programs manually by clicking it on the ‘things’ page - this should show you extra options to select colour etc.

If you can then you just need an app to set colours programatically.


You might find this thread interesting…


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Thanks for the reply soon so far guys…I am not seeing any of the control tiles as pictured about on my phone…all I see is the below.

The Fibaro rgbw controller appears added to devices…DTH added and published on my IDE website account…
Do I need to add a smartapp to make it all work?

Hi all, progress has been made. I was runnings the new Smartthings app on my phone…once I uninstalled that and installed the older Smartthngs Connect app the Fibaro RGBW controller is now working with the samsung recommended GUI as Fido pictured above…My LEDs are turning off and on and I can change the colours…some of the functions like storm or police dont work but thats ok.

Next question…I have added codersaur : Fibaro RGBW Controller DTH in Smartthing IDE as a deivce handler and published it, but the GUI on my phone has not changed to Codesaur controller GUI…is there something else I need to do? do I need to add a specific Smartapp code to the IDE page?

Did you figure out how to make the police lights and other functions to work?