Connect Nest Manager to additional switch

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I have a air circulating fan on a z-wave switch. I would like the switch to turn on when my Nest thermostat comes on and turn off when the Nest does. I am not seeing how to connect the two. Any help would be appreciated.

This isn’t part of the initial scope of the app, but would be fairly easy to add. Would the switch come on whenever the thermostat was in a running state or only when the fan-only is called?

For me, running state. But I can see where it would be beneficial in both states.

I am using the fan to help the ac work easier.

Thank you for the quick reply!

I just pushed out an update that should accommodate your needs. It’s located under the remote sensor section

Sorry, I have upgraded to 2.06 but I don’t see where to set this up…

I see remote sensors but no where to select another Z-wave switch

Once you select a thermostat it should be visible

I do see that but it does not allow the selection of the z-wave switch. The only option is to select my thermostat again


I see the option for mirroring but no switch option below

ok, i upgraded to the latest build and the option is there. I configured everything but when the ac started no other z-waves kicked off.

I tried starting the thermostat with both nest manager and also with the nest app.

I want to be clear. The switches will be activated once it receives the thermostats mode change. Depending on the poll frequency it could be anywhere from 1 - 3 minutes.

I will continue to look for better method of performing this function.

If it still doesn’t come on look at the logs for any errors.

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It took about 4 minutes to turn on and about 2 minutes to turn off!

Thank you! I really appreciate your time and effort. Great app!!!

Works great. I now have a connected (via switch) floor fan that comes on while the air conditioner is running and turns off when the air conditioner does.

I am using the fan to help move cold air up the stair case to the air return upstairs.

Nest Manager is one of those apps that makes Smartthings smart…

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if you adjust the device poll time under the Manager App preferences you can get it to update every minute.

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This is still working great! Thank you again!!!

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