[REMOVED] Nest Manager 2.0

(Kurtis) #21

Installed and working well for me now. I had to completely uninstall everything and redo it for it to work properly.

(Anthony S.) #22

Sorry for the silence. I’m working on some changes to the device handler test.

(Anthony S.) #23

That the first thing I recommend. The core of the app was completely rewritten. I wasn’t sure how well a direct update would work.

(Anthony S.) #24

I honestly don’t have any valuable recommendations yet.

That error is that under the automations app?

(Marc) #25

Yes, it appears to never save the automation rule.

(Anthony S.) #26

I’m curious what you guys think of the new HTML device handlers :slight_smile:

(Marc) #27

Very slick looking. You’ve done a great job with this app in a short amount of time.

(Kurtis) #28

I like the look a lot… love being able to name the devices something else if I want to.

(Mark C) #29

This is so slick - looks awesome! Thanks very much for the hard work.

Is there a way to simply set Home and Away based on a presence sensor (as opposed to a mode)?

(Anthony S.) #30

I don’t have an issue with adding it in. Would you mind putting in a issue under github issues? The link is under the first post

(Mark C) #31

Absolutely will do - thank you!

(Anthony S.) #32

thanks… It will likely be added tonight or tomorrow

(Andreas A.) #33

Thanks - that worked!


@tonesto7 @desertblade updated to 2.0. Awesome stuff thanks. However it still isn’t changing modes on my nest.

(Anthony S.) #35

i will get this fixed. I’m getting a couple other bugs fixed.
I need to handle that differently now that it’s in a child app. I need to add in an input for thermostat to allow setting home/away. Before I could just call the home/away action directly in the smart app.

(Fred Schmitthammer) #36

Installed mine. Looks awesome and so far works awesome. Thank you for the hard work.

(Fred Schmitthammer) #37

How do you get to the Weather device?

(Anthony S.) #38

If it was installed it should be under your device list

(cjwarnock) #39

Same here. I was receiving the missing device handler error, but v2 installed and is mostly working after removing v1 and performing a clean install. Thanks for all of your hard work, the quality of the smart app and device handlers is amazing.

I am having issues adding automations though. When I click ‘create new automation’ I get the ‘system thinking’ spinning wheel, but it never goes to the screen to create the automation.

(Anthony S.) #40

I’m going to need some more feedback from you on this. I just tested and it’s switching modes perfectly… Can you watch the logs for the particular automation and look for anything out of the ordinary.