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[REMOVED] Nest Manager


Wait this is weird. I don’t see v2 on git. Anything Change in the repo?

(Anthony S.) #781

No but I really wish people wouldn’t use something that’s not ready. I understand that it on GitHub but the software and devices are evolving daily and not worth trying to use as daily driver.


I’m still on a 3/24 release.

(Ben W) #783

That is the latest prod release.

Double check that Automations is still set up. The other day I had to re-setup some rules in RM that just disappeared.

If that does not help, I am going to back burner the issue till 2.0 is released. Its getting close.

(Justin) #784

Thank you! This SmartApp is amazing. I was using another integration for my Nest. It worked fine, but Nest Manager is just so much more refined and better. So far I haven’t had any issues and it seems to be working well for both my thermostat and protect.

I was having an issue with the SmartApp not showing up in my SmartApp list in settings, but @pizzinini’s post about “Newly installed smart apps not showing in the mobile app” took care of that issue. (this also allowed me to fix my SmartTiles app which wasn’t working and I hadn’t gotten around to research how to fix yet.)

I’m noticing that using the device to switch heating/cooling/auto mode can be a little weird at times, but I only really change that seasonally so it is not a problem to deal with it once I need it. If I am using auto, and therefore switch from having values for heat & cool, to heat or cool, I would expect the values I had defined to each to be passed over. For example in auto, heat set to 65 and cool set to 73, if I switch to heat mode it would use 65 and if I then switch to cool it would use 73, just how it would work if I used the Nest App. But it tends to just take the higher number. If I used 65/73 and switched to heat it would use 73, and then switch to cool it would still use 73. Not sure if my explanation is clear… but anyway, not a major issue, just a comment.

Thanks @tonesto7. Keep up the great work and I look forward to see all the new features you’re working on.

(Ben W) #785

Heat, Cool, and Heat/Cool are all unique values stored at Nest. When you switch modes the app displays what is returned from Nest. During the change the Device Handler may show stale info while we are getting a response from Nest (usually 4-8 seconds)

For example My Heat setting is 69 and my Auto Heat is set to 65. When switching from Auto to Heat it should show up as 69.

There was some ironing out of switching modes in v2.0, it will only switch to modes that your system will support.

(Justin) #786

Thanks @desertblade. I can confirm what you explained. Once I define those individual settings for each mode, it will store them. I guess “73” was an old setting I had for heat. Once I changed it to anything else, it would keep those values as I cycled through modes.

But now I think I cycled too much, so it won’t let me change it anymore. I read something before that said the API only lets you change the mode so many times in a timeframe, so I’ll wait and try again later.

(Ben W) #787

You are correct. Nest starts blocking too many puts, I usually see the blockage last about 15 minutes, but it could be up to an hour.

Version 2.0 limits the number of puts and creates a queue. There is a delay in sending the commands, so if you cycle through modes, it will only send the last one.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #788

I really wish this app worked with my Honeywell Zwave thermostats.

(Kurtis) #789

I’m installing v2.0. Getting this error:

572d2e25-4e7e-43fb-bfbc-1e6601027e66 2:24:14 PM MDT: warn Status Message: Device Handlers are likely Missing or Not Published. Please read the installation instructions and verify all device handlers are present before continuing.

All of the devices are installed/published. Suggestions?

(Anthony S.) #790

it’s not ready to be used yet… I’m only staging… I’m getting an ST callback error now. Once I resolve that I will post all of the details

(Kurtis) #791

Ah… I guess I will stay in “uninstalled” mode while you do this. I mistakenly thought that because my IDE saw then change that is was ready… my bad. I will wait until I see you formal announcement on the community board. Thanks.

(Matt) #792

I guess r that when I don’t don’t install best protect since I don’t have any. Once I installed all 4 DH it went away

(Anthony S.) #793

I was expecting it switch fast. I tested and tested and everything has been great. Once i push it out suddenly somethings not working

(Anthony S.) #794

(Kurtis) #795

My smart app install is failing… automated failed with Error

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Thu Apr 21 21:42:52 UTC 2016

A manual smart app install fails with this error when I try to create the app from code:

Metadata Error: Parent SmartApp ‘tonesto7:Nest Manager’ not found

Device Handler install worked fine.

(Chris) #796

Hi Nest Manager folks…

I did the upgrade to 2.0 and now I have some new devices listed as Nest Presence InstallTest, Nest Protect InstallTest, Nest Thermostat InstallTest and Nest Weather InstallTest. Are they supposed to be there?


(sorry, I just realized you made a thread for v2… I can put this there if you would like)

(Kurtis) #797

ok… i tried the install of the app in the IDE a few times and eventually it worked… now see if the functionality works as expected.

(Ben W) #798

Mods can you lock this? Discussions on version 2.0 should happen in the 2.0 thread.

(Ben W) #800

Post this over in the 2.0 thread. Double check oauth, then in the Nest-Manager under Nest Login, logout and reset your token.