[RELEASE] Zooz Zen24 Toggle Dimmer v3.0

Just released with it’s non-dimmer companion (the Zen23), here is the handler for the new Zen24. It also has a host of new parameters and allows for both association and scene control. You can use smart lighting or webcore to assign the buttons.


Nice! Do you know if the scene control is/will be available for the Zen27?

Edit: looking in your repo - it appears that it does. I can’t seem to make the virtual buttons show up though (in webcore or smart lighting)

Yes, the new Zen27 will have the scene control. :slight_smile:

For the buttons, make sure you go into the settings for the device and turn on the scene control setting. The buttons will not be available u less that setting is on.

Hmm. Even after enabling scene control, no new buttons are available in Smart Lighting. What would their names be?

@iderdik - If you go in the IDE and select the switch under My Devices, do you get this (note “numberOfButtons: 2”). If that is set to 0, the scene control is not turned on.


Otherwise, here are screen shots through the process.

After you setup what you want to control, tap on “Select Trigger”.

You’ll see a list of possible triggers and you need to tap on Button

Next it will ask you which button, so tap on that

Now the switch will show up (this is a Zen23, but it’s the exact same for a Zen24)

As soon as you select the switch you should see something that looks like this

If you tap on Button Number, you can change the button that you use for this assignment

If you don’t see “Save” in the upper right (can be a problem if using android), my recommendation is to clear cache, clear data, uninstall, and reinstall the smartthings classic app.

But when you save, you should get this green bar and then it should end up taking you back to the smartapp screen.

Thanks for the detailed write up! I don’t see a numberOfButtons field there at all so I’m guessing I’m using an older firmware or something like that.

@iderdik - Just to be clear the “3.0” is not the version of the software, it’s the version of the switch itself. If you look at the “Raw Description” in the shot I posted at the top of my writeup, you’ll see over to the right “ver:3.00”. That’s the firmware on the switch itself. Unless you bought the switch very recently (like last couple of weeks), you won’t have the version that will work with this handler. If you do have that version, please let me know.

I bought my Zen 27 on March 11th so its a little more than a month old. The device page looks like this:

The new Zen27 will be getting released in the next few weeks I believe. The one you have won’t support scene control. You might want to contact @TheSmartestHouse about it.

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The release of ZEN27 2.0 is scheduled within a week or so. @iderdik if you’d like to upgrade your switches to the latest firmware, just get in touch with Zooz support (remember to include your order number in the inquiry).

Just for reference, I finally published the handler for the new Zen27.

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