[Release] SmartThings on Floor Plan: View and Control from your House's Layout UI

Hi everyone, this is the main topic for discussing ThingsTwin dashboard for your SmartThings. You can get more details below including some demonstrations and download links. Also, make sure to visit us at thingstwin.com to get download link for Android and iOS (beta) platforms, as well as for the most updated to date information as well.

What is It?

A mobile app that integrates directly with your SmartThings system, the difference is it’s based on your house floor plan, so you can get an immediate idea about where devices are, easy to use, especially for your children or your guests. There is no need for searching through a long list 2D panel to find out where the device in before you can control it. Below is a sample screenshot.

What it’s For?

  • Run on your phone as a quick panel for viewing and control your devices.
  • Run on the mounted tablet as a 3D dashboard of your homes (also bring more joyful and fancy value)

Note: I’m not intended to make this app replacement for SmartThings app, but instead it’s can be used as a companion one to enrich your experience with SmartThings in daily usage. So tor tasks which you just need to a few times like adding a new device, it’s should be done in SmartThings app. For tasks which you are likely do use it daily like control your device, monitor your home state,… I created this app for these type of activities.

Supported Platforms

It’s currently supported for both Android and iOS platforms. Visit us www.thingstwin.com to get the download link on each platform.

Some More Galleries

Compatible with Samsung SmartThings, it let you views and controls your devices based on your own house’s floor plan

Overview of your house, with all devices and rooms are represented with a rich visual user interface

After authenticated with your SmartThings, all devices will be shown and ready to added to your house’s layout

Control your devices advanced capability

SmartThings devices can be customized to match your house’s visibility

Zooming in/out your house layout to control and viewing your SmartThings devices status more closely

It’s hard to say all the detailed on a single post. Please drop a comment if you have any question. And at thingstwin.com for the latest information and news. We will keep you in the loop for any update on development and release news. Thank you! :slight_smile:



1. Is your app / services available for US user only or it’s available worldwide?
It’s worldwide support. As long as your SmartThings works, this app will works, too.

2. What is your plan for iOS support?
For now (July 2020) the team are focusing on functionality and on Android first. I cannot say exactly about when iOS is support, but because we are using cross-platform technology, so I can say it shouldn’t take long after Android is released


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Hey @djh_wolf, thanks for boost me up in both threads. Seeing you be our early bird user :slight_smile:


Looks cool, I’ll be interested to see the finished result. :sunglasses:

Are you going to be ready for the announced changes when the classic app goes away at the end of this year?

Also, any thought of eventually making it work with Hubitat?


Thank you @JDRoberts for your information. I’ll look further into this and keep syncing with these changes from SmartThings. It’s should be OK by the end, as long as SmartThings an open platform for developer, we still be able to make it work :slight_smile:

Ah about Hubitat, it’s an interesting platform, too (although I have not any chance to play with this). Actually in long-term plan, I’ll try make my app able to work with not only SmartThings hub, but until end of this year, SmartThings will be focused. After that, may be Hubitat the next one :innocent:

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Very interesting. I have a partial 3D model of my house I made in SketchUp (I still use the old free Google version). I used it to help place my Zigbee and Z-wave repeaters. I can’t wait to see more!


Thank you John @jlv , for this version, normally I will ask user to share their floor plan papers, based on that we will model their house in 3D. So for your case, if you prefer to use your own design, you can just share us the Skp file. We will renderer it for you :slight_smile:

Ouch! :face_with_head_bandage:

That would be a deal killer for me. There’s no way I’m sharing floor plans of my house with any company, too much security concern.


Yes, I’m thinking a little about that concern.


Oh I see. Actually in my development plan there are 3 ways to modeling the house:

  1. The simplest one, is to take modeling task to my team, so for users who is not too concern about security, they just need to share us their plan (it’s not required for the detailed plan, it can be just a simple draft on paper with enough information about room, location,… so we can based on that to help them modeling their house).

  2. User to modeling their house in 3D model tools like SketchUp, 3DX Max, SweetHome3D,… and allow them to import the file directly, no need to share with us.

  3. Allow user to draw their house directly in the app (this is the best, but also take too much time and effort for now).

But thanks for your feedback @JDRoberts, @jlv ! Seem we need to support another ways for user who concern about security soon. So what do you think about 2nd methods, gentlemen? Is it appropriate for you? (For sure what you import will stay in your phone, we will not store any information about your plans at all).

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Both two and three would be possibilities for me. I would have to see the details on two. :sunglasses:

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That good to hear that @JDRoberts. I will work with my team in more detail for 2nd approach and comeback to you guy soon. By the way, I just add some detail demo scene in my post above, please have a look and let me know if you have any question, gentlemens :sunglasses:

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++ Added some FAQ which is based on people’s feedback on our register form. Thanks for that!

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Just for update today. Received bunch of pre-register submit from great and passionate guys in Italy, with requests for support Italian language.

Yeah, we haven’t moved to multi languages feature yet, but definitely when time come we will add Italian to priority list, because in the end, we are trying to build a dashboard which bring joy and ease to user’s SmartHome experience

Development update: We received an perfectly equal ratio between people who willing to share their floor plan, and people who prefer to modeling their house by themself (50% - 50%) :smile: So we started working on dynamic importing 3D model (which designed by user himself) to ThingsTwin app.

Some challenges related to optimization if the imported 3D model has to much detail, as well as renderering (to have good quality of graphic effects) dynamicly in mobile is not appropriate. We found solutions for that, but still take sometime to implement. Anyway, the feature will be definitely be supported in the app!


Look promising. Can it run smoothly on low end tablets? I have an old galaxy tab, which should be great if it can run your app on this one.

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Hey thanks! It should be OK. Actually we have running test on a Galaxy J7 here, and it running well. Besides that, there will be an additional option for user to adjust lighting effects quality to suitable for your device. So basically, there will no problem for the app to run on your Galaxy :slight_smile:

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Just bring our website to live. You can visit thingstwin.com for more information. I’ll keep updates and news on this site, too. Thanks so far for subscribing to our early users list. The list is increasing day-by-day. Really appreciate that!


I have been looking all over for this kind of app. This one looks marvellous.
I would love to see this app extend to be able to load your own 3d house model etc.
Will it be possible to customize gui buttons, interactions, animations and symbols as well in the future?
Looking forward to try it out!
Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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