[Release] SmartThings on Floor Plan: View and Control from your House's Layout UI

Thank you @aquastealth, all things you asked is what we are trying to do right now, ability to import 3D model by of your own (such as designing in Sketchup, SweetHome3D,… and then import the 3D model, or integrating with online floor planner tool like Floorplaner, Matterport ). A lot of things are on the list :slight_smile:

Also just for your information, we are about to release the first version (alpha version) next week. This release will let user import their floor plan by themself (2D image-based for this version, 3D models import will available in later releases). We will send out a testing invitation link to people who joined our early user list on our website when it published to play store.

Hi everyone, just for getting updated, we are releasing a new version of the app. It’s now v0.62 and is available as Open Beta on Google Play. New features and improvements are listed as below. You can get the app at this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ThingsTwin.Home.

ThingsTwin App v0.62 Changelog

  • Floor management get better. Now support edit floor’s label, naming,…
  • Supported user register and login for more secure.
  • Support both type of SmartThings access tokens.
  • You can now send feedback, ask for support directly inside the app.
  • Fixed some UI/UX bugs
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Officially extremely excited, but have to wait for iOS version here. Following, thanks.

Thanks @shackrock. Seem we have leave this thread for a while. But behind the scene, we are very actively developing the app. A new version is on the way, v0.9 which allow you to layout and interact with your SmartThings in truly 3D space.

Sorry that iOS version is still not available, we are working on that, too.

(Oh and please subscribe to our mailing list, too. We are more active on the email channel, by the way)

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Just updated the latest information about the app development status…


Great work. I have just purchased your app and it is awesome. I would like to get custom furniture and devices based on PNG images Like this:

lounge eames

I am also missing some types of windows and other improvements but this a great fisrt versión.

Thank you for your work.


Thanks Luis! Added your request items to the list. I will reach out to you through email for news on each release. Stay tuned :blush:

@Vu.Q.Nguyen, I installed the free version of the app to test and it made a very good impression on me.
It works very well with the 15 devices that this free version allows to use. The different floors and their rooms are created very quickly. I hope, as they say, that they continue to increase the icons and other elements.
I have enabled integration to handle smartthings Home Monitor and it doesn’t seem to work. Is it because it is the free version or is it not operational?
If I see something that does not work well I will tell you through the channels that the app has

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Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo Yes for sure. Give us some more time, we had a long list of icons and furniture that are requested from users, and we will add more over time :slight_smile:

About the Home Monitor, it seems not to work now, I will check it further, and keep you update when it’s fixed.

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A quick update for the newest version v1.1 just released out today. For detail of the changelog, please scroll up to the top of this page. I put it there to keep information organized. Or check out the blog post about this release version 1.1 released with icon redesigned, added green plants and staircase :blush:

nice idea , i will try it for sure in the free plan to see how it works.
but due to ~80 smartdevices i will need for sure the pro one.

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Definitely. Please give it a try, and only upgrade to Pro when you feel comfortable. Let me know if you need any support!

there is not yet support to upload a 3 model ? cause my house has so few 90degrees corners so it is impossible to create it in the app .
also forgot to give to the tocken permission to location.
do you know how can i edit it ?

Yes sorry that it doesn’t support import 3d model yet. As we’re focusing on smartthings-related functionalities first.

About the token, you can safely delete the old one and re-create a new one.

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This is incredible!

I downloaded the iOS beta and upgraded (unpaid during beta it noted). Of course the functionality is limited as it’s still in dev I imagine, but the core functionality is wonderful.

A few early notes:

  1. I have many windows and door sensors. Multi sensors as well. None of them show temperature even though they can and I have checked the box. The only device that shows temperature are my ‘mini split PODs.’ (It’s a Thermostat as well). Some screenshots below.

  1. Being able to alter the size of the device images would go a long way. For example the window shade or curtain are huge right now.

  1. Just like I can make a sensor a door icon, a window icon would be great, that shows open or closed accordingly.
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Thank you for the feedback!

  1. Could you try to disable the “Always Show Sensor State” option, and see if the temperature is showing up? We had recorded a bug that when enabled 2 options (temperature and sensor) at the sametime, the temperature will be overlapped. This is being fix already.

  2. Well the ability to resize the device/furniture is being request from other folks as well, we haven’t started yet, but hopefully can start to implement this soon.

  3. And yes. We’re adding more furniture and device icons (including windows), you can expect it to be available in the next releases.

So excited to see that you’re enjoying the app, the beta phase on iOS may run for a next few weeks (or months). So please help us to report any issue (crash, performance or bug). This will definitely help us to improve it better :slightly_smiling_face:

The new version 1.2 with the new improvements is appreciated.
In a first test I have seen:

  • The ability to change the size and orientation of furniture and devices works well and is useful.
  • The function of showing the rooms with colors according to the temperature I like, but the concept of three colors for 2 adjustable levels, cold level (blue), hot (red) and Cozy (illuminated) when it is between both levels, does not seem to me very visual. I don’t know if it would look better assigning colors to the rooms with a gradient from cold (blue) to hot (red)
  • In the display mode with colors by temperatures, the devices that are offline are shown online, and I don’t know if it has to be this way or not.
  • assigning a photo as an icon for a device doesn’t work for android either or I don’t know how to do it.
  • The selection of elements that are next, becomes a bit difficult.
  • See the switches with toggle white in addition to toggle up, when they are “On” it is better.

Many improvements in a short time, fantastic :+1:

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Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo for being active in with the development progress. Acknowledged the improvement that being helpful to you, let me share some more information relating to the remaining items:

  • Related to the color code of room’s temperature. I see your point, and will take to our consideration for improving. That’s actually a great suggestion to help user identify the room that is really cold or hot quickly.
  • About the issue that device’s state is incorrect when changing view mode back and forth, this is an known issue. We had that reported and will fix that soon.
  • For the issue that cannot assign a photo to a device. A quick note that “live photo” format on iOS won’t works. It just supports PNG and JPG. This is a tested feature and it supposed to works. Could you please give me more details about the issue at your phone?
  • For the selection of devices that quite closely to each other. Yes we have recorded that limitation and will fix that soon, too.

Appreciate your feedback, related to the photo issue, I’m looking forward to hearing back from you (on this thread or emailing me is OK).