Smartthings App Dashboard Fun

I have been using the App 2.0 for a while and I keep on trying to figure out why Dashboard is kind of awkward. I think it just takes too many clicks to see what’s going on in the house using the App.

I took some time to roughly mock up what I would like to see in the Dashboard.

  1. Simplified Dashboard with one glance
  2. Follows the current order to keep some consistency
    Presences are on top
    Doors are second
    Lights & Switches are third
    Safety & Security are at the bottom
  3. The Door icons show Open/Close AND Lock/Unlock to use less space

Again this is just a mockup and something I did for fun.

Love to hear some feedback and I can continue to edit.



I like the layout. It is similar to the original app (which I am still on)
I find the new app unusable due to the frequent crashes, slow execution and the inability to find all the devices I wish to see in a single place.
I hope they see your layout but I am not holding my breath on any changes coming. Someone at SmartThings really thinks their new app with its design is great and decided it is their new direction. The day I am forced to use it will probably be the day I look for some other solution. I am hoping someone out there is designing a better app to replace the SmartThings v2 app.


I like @samwang’s design as well!

Version 6 of SmartTiles (under development) is using material design where possible, though initial release will focus on the current tile grid view its users love.

The underlying engine will be able to serve different presentation layers. First we add themes and skinning, and then,… Well, the design above is likely possible. Heck, we should bring @samwang to the project!

but… There’s no API from SmartThings for configuration commands (add Devices, display their sub-tiles, install and configure SmartApps…), so nobody can actually replace the SmartThings App. SmartTiles aims to handle the daily routine monitoring and basic controls. The stuff people do most often, unless they are super automated.

Latest SmartTiles is here:

I would love to be a part of the SmartTiles effort. I obviously use the Smartthings App 2.0 but I have one tablet on a stand running SmartTiles which is my central command for everything smart in the house. I know how important SmartTiles is to my smart home setup. Here are some of my ideas

  1. SmartThings App really is just a setup app because I have heard someone say along the lines of “the best home automation products are the ones that stay behind the scenes.” I love the SmartApps that I have setup because it automates the parts that I want (although the process probably can be a little streamlined).

  2. There should be a separate app that runs the all the switches and everyday status, which SmartTiles does wonderfully. I think that is the smartest way it’s really two separate functions. Until SmartThings decide to do the right thing and launches SmartTiles as an official control app, I would want to work with the SmartTiles guys and create something beautiful.

I have no experience in coding but I think I can definitely help in the design process if you would like me to participate. I don’t particularly care for Material Design since I pretty much use all Apple products, but I do wish to design something for the SmartThings community that can allow users to easily control their smart home.

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My dashboard is blank ?
It’s just a white screen

I think it’ll show up after you add presence and switches, but either I think that’s something SmartThings people need to help you with.

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For now, follow and contribute to the most current active SmartTiles Topic thread. Get a sense of what the users like and what features / designs they would like to see in future revisions. Thanks! SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK 🇬🇧, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015

This is cool and it’s definitely inline with our future thinking.

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This picture and comments represent so mutch wath i would want for m’y smartthings management. One overall dashboard. Smartthings app v2 sucks so mutch.