2D/3D Dashboard


Notice that this Topic was started in January 2015. In over 4 years there are only 56 posts. (Total only 22 users…).

Compare that to the thousands of posts on SmartTiles and ActionTiles Topics.

This options could be useful:


About $100 dollars to have the ability to easily create / edit my own plan in a way that is visually pleasing and functional. Probably another $25 or so a year for the maintenance.



I am developing the Hyperborg home automation system. I would like to pick this style for the default look. I alread have a 2D floor planner that might be used as a 3D generator for this approach.

So, I can do the programming, but I would need your help for the UI.

So, can we make it happen? :smiley:

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The easiest way is by using a floor plan card in Home Assistant

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Yes. Using HomeAssistant’sis an option. But it required a seperated Hass hub. Basically it’s card view is an 2D image, which will lack of some feature
like fully navigation through your house, and still quite not flexible if you have a lot of devices installed.

Not really, I actually have a 3D interactive version of it. I use this ( https://github.com/HomeSmartMesh/smart_home_3d_webapp)
I’m using HA on a raspberry pi and I love it. There’s a lot of tinkering involved but it allows ultimate customization.

Yesterday evening I spent some hours on it. This is not a picture, all lines are generated by the application running in your web browser. Things will be improved.

Here you go … https://nebulon.hu/hyperborg

Just adding that we now have an SDK for Javascript/Typescript projects like this

Your project look interesting. Are you still working on it?. Actually, I’m creating a 3D interface for SmartThings like this, it’s still under development, but I intend to bring a very first MVP version to our forum to see if you guy have interest on this project.

Yeah that one is under development as well but this is how my current set up looks like

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That look great! What tool did you use to model your house? Btw here is my, I’m still working on SmartThings API integration, lot of things to do but so excited to no end :slight_smile:


I use 3DS Max, I’m an architect so that’s what we use.
Yours look cool, keep it up!

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Hey let’s bring this thread up again :slight_smile:. Just for update, I had almost finished the first version of what I called it ThingsTwin Home app. I known this thread is started by @alex_leiva 5 years ago (thanks for that, Alex), but I hope the interests for an fully interactive 3D interface for SmartThings still around here.

So I would like to share some status of the app here, as well as asking you guy if you wanna become one of the first users. Because if I see this app interest people here enough, I will put serious effort to make the app ready to use for public (it’s already a working version until now, but need more effort for testing to make it stable enough, as well as add support for more device type).

Okay so let me share some screenshot of current app version here first.

Here is what is main view looks like, which will be the one you guy will see most of the time. All the SmartThings connected devices are shown as the little circle button (lights, shades, switchs) as you can see below.


You can also change the view angle between top down and from rear based on your preference. Just tap on the little 3D button on right top corner.

When you first connect to your SmartThings account, all you devices will be in here (what I called it device inventory :slight_smile: ). Just simply drag and drop it to correct place in your home.

I believe SmartHome should be easy and joyful, which your child can look at and find out how to use immediately, so… that it! It’s all what I have so far until now.

If you guy feel interested, just leave me a comment here or drop me an inbox message. Thanks!


That looks amazing!

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Hey everyone, just for your information, I created a new threads for more convenience to share information about my app at [ALPHA] ThingsTwin 3D App: Brand New Way to Play with Your Home - View and Control from 3D Floor Plan. More info about how it work, as well as link for early user sign up, too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve waited so long for this. I’m just itching to get my several hundred sensors onto a more user friendly and elegant interface. consider me a volunteer for you beta!!!

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Hi @Tigre7. Welcome! Please visit our website at www.thingstwin.com to get download link for beta version. As well as subscribe to the newsletter list, because we are mainly communicating and support our beta users through email directly. See you.

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Thank you SmartThings for trashing the new app and not fixing things in timely manner such that I am forced to move off SmartThings or have a cold frozen house since my heating zwave device stopped working (device works great outside of ST).

It gave me the push I needed to install Home Assistant, and now I have 2D working! A feature I have wanted but not enough to switch away from ST. Over 70 devices moved, the remaining few will take a little more time. The new app is still just as slow and unresponsive with under dozen devices as it is with 80 devices.

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This thread is one of the oldest ones about this topic. Actually, this is the one that inspires me and the team to create a new app that to do exactly what is this thread about. Sorry, I’m not very active in this community (we’re more active on FB). Just let me update the latest product just in case anyone interest in this topic

The app is now more mature compared to previous months ago. We still have tons of works to improve it, but it starts to be used daily by hundreds of beta (and now production) users.
Ok. That’ pretty much for now. I’ll keep “report” here for any next milestones.

Official thread: SmartThings on Floor Plan: View and Control from your House’s Layout UI
Website: www.thingstwin.com
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ThingsTwin.Home
iOS (Beta): Sorry the link may change in the future, as we are under beta for iOS, please visit us to opt in.