Visual Dashboard for App - (desired feature) Show Me a Floor Plan of My Home With Devices Tagged to Spaces

This is a cool idea and, given the example of the ActiON Dashboard (i.e.,, totally “do-able”.

I’m just too chicken :chicken: to do this without funding :moneybag: (or committed partners?).


Here is a youtube video of the ADT Pule Home View app. It really is the easy to draw out the floor plan. You are also able to interact with Home View vie the iPhone app.


That’s pretty neat, @JDRoberts! Ryobi has a weird new line of measuring tools that attach to your phone, but they don’t seem to really do much more than the original tools already did. They have a laser distance measurer that I think would make a great home-mapping tool if properly equipped with software. I haven’t really checked to see if anyone’s been hacking/modifying/coding for these things. Would be neat if ST could utilize something like this or the iBeacons:

@pmusselman - Autodesk has a free webapp for drawing floorplans, too. I know it’s not attached to a HA system (and it’s a lot more complex), but this stuff can be done!


…and of course, there’s always an app for that


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A little like this? (A sample Crestron customized front-end).

There are, of course, dozens of high-end Home Automation front-end vendors and user interface development kits. Would custom ST panel development be a service that people would pay for? Would it be based on a framework like @625alex or is SmartThings REST-API “enough” of a framework itself to use as the base for fully customized UI’s?

The above picture is from a very ad hoc quick search, site:

Crestron, of course, sells expensive home control pads (finger printer readers, etc.), which are now rather silly since a commodity tablet can be used:


Perhaps an opportunity for one of these app developers to expand into the HA/IoT space.

ST integration. Beacon support

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Hey guys, I love this post! I started one a while ago. HERE I also think that ActiON Dashboard is the way to go but I agree with @tgauchat, we need some commitment :smile:


Would love this too so chiming in to get updates


same here…subscribed

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I see that this thread is from 2015. I’m interested in participating in this project.
Is there a current thread somewhere else? I sure hope that this one didn’t didn’t die on the vine.

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It certain is “dead on the vine” … not specifically due to lack of development interest, but, really, in any scope of the imagination, there’s totally insufficient interest from SmartThings Customers.

It’s easy to find a couple dozen “super-users” in a Community Forum that love this concept. It’s much harder to find a few thousand consumers willing to pay for a product based on this idea. ActionTiles has over 50% of the work done to accomplish this idea (at least in a bare minimum way…); but the demand doesn’t exist. A Tiled layout may not be as pretty - but it is very efficient.

I see you’re already participating in newer Topics related to this. You’ll see the progression of the comments; glad to see you join the discussion!

It’s unfortunate news. ActionTiles would have been the ideal creator and
delivery for this project. However, I certainly understand if your market
research resulted in negligible return on your investment. Alternatively,
I’m wondering if Samsung has this project on their sandbox since they are
now consolidating their SmartThings application.

Thank you for responding. I look forward to seeing enticing advances from
ActionTiles. Admittedly, I’ve not yet entered your campground. Can you
please recommend a tutorial or an alternate training that might facilitate
my journey with ActionTiles? Also, what hardware and adjunct software
might you recommend for a sophisticated (I tend to maximize my projects)
ActionTiles implementation.

Thanks again.



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We actually just recommend diving in to the Free Trial (extendable in needed) so you can explore how it works for your unique SmartThings home.

If you want to sit back and watch some overviews, our YouTube customer video playlists are good, especially these two:


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Ubiqiti Unifi controller software let’s you import an image (I used floor plan from builder website), then draw/trace lines/walls on top of the image. Then you can add wireless access point locations and it will predict coverage map. Or you can walk around with mobile device running speed test and draw a real coverage map based on download speed.

The tracking image part is the only relevant part to this thread.

What’s the price of this hardware and/or software?

The UniFi software is free; bundled with their hardware. But it’s not web based and is designed for the enterprise market - I do a hell of a lot with it at work.

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Thank you Kevin.

I’ll check it out.

NOTE: Sent post-haste from the palm of my hand.
Please excuse typos and creative auto-corrections.

Very interesting to see there is a request for this since 2015. It’s now 2020, and I just want to let you know that we are a team that working on a companion app for SmartThings, which we call ThingsTwin dashboard. It’s based on 3D interface and it based on your own unique floor plan. You can see more information in this thread [ALPHA] ThingsTwin 3D App: Brand New Way to Play with Your Home - View and Control from 3D Floor Plan or just visit our home at

Thanks & have fun, fellows!

Yes. I think in normal state, we cal group all lights in a room into a single button, and control all lights in this room with just one touch. If we need to control specific light, zooming in will show them in detail. Great idea!