Creation FloorPlan Device map

I have to say you really don’t know what you are talking about and are out of your depth here.

As for the community developers that have spent their own sweat, tears, time and money to develop and publish SmartApps for the community and not charge, that’s absolutely a great thing for all of us ST customers and community members. Most of them produced things to serve their own personal needs and then shared with others, and then some, well they took on a challenge to see that it could be done and also gave that to everyone else to use.

Do you have any idea on the number of hours alone that it takes to conceptualize, architect and document a full blown schematic of an application from the ground up? That doesn’t include the development time. You think it’s done in a week? Maybe some of these SmartApps and Device Handlers can be done in a short time frame. But with different technology comes different costs and time involved.

For some it may be a hobby that they enjoy and willfully do it for free. Others, it’s a way of life and they are going to profit or get paid whether hourly or at a product charge. People have businesses or jobs and most do this in their spare time, but to take something like this on, it takes a team of people, money to pay them, and time to do it if they are going to give up their daily job to take it on.

With all due respect, you have no clue what you are saying.

You keep saying how simple and small it is. :joy: You make me laugh. Why don’t you become a software developer and see how small and simple it is to accomplish what you want in your leisure “spare time”? It’s easier said than done.

Would I like to see a product with a cross between House Panel and some Floorplan layout with a beautiful dynamically changing UI combined with the same accessibility and ease of setup as ActionTiles, absolutely! But the foundation that ActionTiles is built on, throwing some dynamic accessible change “small item lol” and it just works is not how things work.

Something of this magnitude would require a brand new product being built and I’m sorry guy, that takes Resources-Time-Costs. So unless you are willing to build this yourself for free or find someone else that is going to do it for you in their spare time for nothing, don’t sit here and talk about how little time it would take or how small you think it is.

Keeping it real!


As Terry stated, if you want this to happen, get a Kickstarter campaign started with all the backers with a goal of let’s say $100,000 to start (covers salaries for resources dedicated to design and build for a cpl months).


  1. Conceptual design docs
  2. Design and create a Proof of Concept (Working model)
  3. Complete architecture diagrams
  4. Documentation of requirements and deliverables
  5. Project plan with number of resources, goals, timelines and costs.

That’s a good start.

Surely, you have some spare time to research and put this together, don’t you? Remember, nobody is going to pay you to do all this upfront work. Might have to take a day or two off of work. You good with that? Excellent.

And don’t forget that all these SmartApps and external applications that have been built are reliant on the here and now of what SmartThings does today and if they change direction at any point in time it changes everything that has been built around this foundation. Add that to another document “Risk Mitigation”.


I definitely believe that some substantial portion of ActionTiles could be leveraged for this idea. While ActionTiles is not architected specifically to be a platform for alternative views (i.e., non-Tiled views), we know that it has inherent potential.

Panels are a fundamental top level object. Adding a whole new distinct tree called “Floorsmight be possible without substantial impact and modification of the existing app features.

That’s why I’m actively participating in this discussion. I’d love to see ActionTiles be used as a foundation for innovative extensions - if and only if:

  • it can be done without breaking the current functionality and all existing and in-progress features.
  • it can be funded / resourced with minimal risk and distraction.
  • it will have a high probability of success in the market (incremental sales, higher pricing / upgrade option).
  • it won’t substantially add ongoing operations cost and impact maintenance and development flexibility.

That’s a lot of “ifs”. That’s what makes this an extra costly hypothetical endeavor.

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Could be added as a very large and complex Piston with a whole lot of IF, THEN, ELSE’s.

Just for curiosities sake, what about a quick poll put together to see how many community members would back it? I would guess at least 85% of existing ActionTiles customers would want something like this and would be onboard.

A poll is not only unscientific / statistically invalid, it fails to provide a key ingredient: $$$ cash.

(AKA: mouth meet money).

That’s why crowdfunding is so popular and is potentially a way (and maybe the only way) this could be initiated.

Wasn’t so much to get statistics. Just to get an idea of further interest in something more advanced like this and would they be willing to back it via crowdfunding. Just a 10 minute poll to collect more data to see what interest is there. It doesn’t make or break a decision as to whether or not a campaign or project gets started.

And thus we’ve magically gone full circle back to post #23:

Don’t make me go adding up all the posts in many threads and in the AT support forum and then separate out each individual customer.

Ok do this then. In the AT forum, create a thread for Crowdfunding and let people vote.

We avoid intentionally giving ourselves extra work.

See post above regarding “focus”.

(Yes…this is officially an endless goto loop.)

Spending an hour of time to put together a post on the AT forum with a NO REPLY thread (Voting only). This won’t hurt you guys in anyway. It would give you one more piece of information about whether or not your existing customer base would be interested in backing with $$ up front for a bigger badder model that would take a lot more time and resources to accomplish. You only benefit from collecting that information from your customers. It only helps you guys identify more as to whether this endeavor would be worth pursuing. One piece of a puzzle if you will. To me it adds a lot of value whether you pursue it or not.


I wouldn’t have thought that my question would start this level of debate. Thanks for contributing, everyone.

I’m new to SmartThings, and as a new customer I enquired to SmartThings official support about whether they had this feature and they sent me here, only for it to descend into an argument. This doesn’t look great to people who are on the verge of deciding which Smart Home Device to choose.

My bone of contention was that I wasn’t putting in a feature request, though my question seems to have been interpreted as one. And being assured that there is definitely not a lot of interest really isn’t helpful. I’m interested, there seems to be lots of (define lots of etc.) people interested on other threads. That there were only 22 posts on this thread is not sufficient evidence that there’s not a lot of interest, which is possibly backed up by the amount of debate that’s been generated. It’s not great for a newbie making his first forays onto a community forum like this to be shut down so quickly. Though I do appreciate you taking the time to respond, tgauchat, and for the parts of your initial comment that were helpful. Thank you for that.

I’m surprised the debate shifted over into what makes a successful business and even about what constitutes capitalism. I thought this was a community united by an interest in home automation. I’m interested in having a smart home I can control on a device with a floorplan. I’m not here to make money, or to make it my full time job. If you are that’s fine, but we’re not all here for that.

It’s not clear which of us here are developers working for SmartThings, for companies offering SmartThings integration, or simply users of the system. But it seems like there’s animosity between developers and non developers, with the perception (real or otherwise) that non-developers don’t respect how much work building an application takes. This is what I’m surprised at. I’m not sure what has happened in other threads but it doesn’t look to me like a healthy community. Which is a shame.

Like I said above, I’m new to this lark, but I’m not going to stay if this is the what it’s like here. So can we reset this a bit?

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Hi all

I’m interested in having a floorplan which I can look at and instantly see the status of devices as they are laid out in the house.

It seems like there are no applications offering this, so I think it would be a useful community effort to build one. if you are interested in having this would you be up for helping to build it? as an open source project?

I’m not a developer, though I work in DevOps, so will need a lot of help. If the people who want this application can put in the gruntwork, would some of the more experienced coders here be happy to offer us their guidance? Not even so much as doing code reviews or anything like that, but just helping us when we get stuck?

I’m happy to set up a git-hub repo and to get started on this. But I really don’t know where to start. Does anyone have any recommendations? How does an application interact with the SmartThings hub? Are there API calls we could utilise?

Thanks very much


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If I in any way made it seem like I was upset at anyone, especially these
incredibly helpful developers, I regret doing so as it certainly wasn’t my
intention. I guess the fact is, talent takes time, and time is money. I
could go work a job for $30/hr, or I can code a project. When the crap hits
the fan, some people are willing to put in the effort for little
compensation, while others have more important matters on their hands.

As it has been stated, this is a community. We, for the most part, try to
stick together and I don’t really see any animosity between devs and
non-devs. Such is life in any community you’ll ever be a part of, so please
don’t let this decide what smart home solution you should choose.
Regardless of any of the comments here so far, I will continue to choose
SmartThings as my smart home of choice, and trust me, I’ve used QUITE a
few. SmartThings is hands down the BEST I’ve ever used. It can always be
improved though :wink:

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I hate to say, dickymoore, that I’ve been in your shoes here before. I was
the guy who was like, “I wanna do this project, and if some coders wanna
just point me in the right direction, that’d be awesome!”. Well, they did,
and I didn’t. My project never did get off the ground, but the dev team
sure did try their best to help. Hate to say, but I don’t think you’re
going to get very far unless an experienced coder specifically in
SmartThings Smart Apps takes your project for themselves and does the grunt
work. It’s much too complicated to try and throw together without any
experience. (trust me, I’ve been there).

To put my two cents in, I sure do hope an experienced coder comes over to
take this under their wing, because it’d sure be a nice setup :smiley:

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Thanks for your input shawneric. I will see how far I get with beginners luck, enthusiasm and blind optimism. Would you be happy to share with me how far you got?

I’ve done this kind of thing before and I did get there in the end. Once with an Android app, once with a house remodelling. Both times it was much more work than I expected, late nights, early mornings, illness, crying etc. But still I got there. I might not do it this time but wanna give it a try.

I believe there’s a slack dev group you can join. Feel free to ask any of
the developers here and they’ll be able to point you in the right
direction. My only advice is this: don’t just ask them to do the work for
you, they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction, but if
you don’t do it yourself, no one is going to put it on a silver platter for
you. I had to learn this to hard way :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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I have not personally done this but someone on the Home Remote forum created the layout below. Home remote does integrate with Smartthings.


Please… definitely stay! Don’t take anything I’ve said in this Topic to lead you believe there isn’t a tremendous amount of cooperative, generous, progressive, and helpful discussion in this Community. It’s an amazing place.

A big reason I chimed in is that I really want to believe that ActionTiles has the potential to be the most efficient platform for this functionality.

More than 50% of what’s needed is already in our platform.

But for various very good reasons, we’re a for-profit venture and don’t find the open source model fits our goals and isn’t in the best interests of our customers. Hence the long discussion to figure out if there was any possible way for this to be done contractually closed source. So … yup – business complications on top of technical complications. I certainly understand why open source projects are attractive, especially in large markets where there becomes the potential for supportive revenue through customization, support contracts, etc… (i.e., RedHat Linux, WordPress, … and many, many more).

But … Indeed, though, there are many open source projects already underway that you could leverage and/or start from scratch as a fun and educational challenge.

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Love this idea. Keeping myself in the loop.

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Hi! Is there an interest for this around? :slight_smile: Let me share our app created for the exact purpose of visualizing your SmartThings devices on your own house floor plan. There is no need to work around in your flat panel, or try to learn a 3rd drawing tool. We tried to create this app with all built-in tools included.

We just released it to production stage (after 6 months of beta testing with folks in this community and on SmartThings user group on Facebook, too). It’s now starting to be used daily by people to view and control their devices. If you need more information, please check out some info below:

Official thread: SmartThings on Floor Plan: View and Control from your House’s Layout UI
iOS (Beta): Sorry the link may change in the future, as we are under beta for iOS, please visit us to opt-in.