Integration of Nuki Smart Lock

Hi there!

Does anyone have any idea if it is possible to integrate Nuki into Smartthings? I found Daniele Ratti’s edge driver ([ST Edge] Driver for NUKI SmartLock), but at many people it doesn’t works, me included. The project also seems abandoned, as changes are no longer made and no answers are given regarding the malfunction

I have a Nuki with bridge and I find it absurd that integration is not yet possible.

thank you all!

Hi @Sgamo,

unfortunately I didn’t find any solution to the issues relatives to the continuous restarting of the bridge and I suspect that is a bug of the firmware but I didn’t get any useful help from the Nuki support.

However, I know that Nuki is working to integrate the new Matter protocol.


If you get the newest Nuki 4.0 it supports matter and as of today official SmartThings support has been added.
You can use their upgrade program to get a discount or just but the Nuki 4.0 for £245 and then sell your old one.
For the non Pro you would still need the bridge and I think the update for that is due in the new year I believe with Thread.

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Now I’m no pro here…

I’m looking to buy the Nuki 4.0 and am looking at either the 4 or 4 pro with keypad 2. But as the normal 4 has Matter, I can just integrated it in Smartthings can’t I? No need for the pro?
It is a difference of 90 euro…

379 euro for the 4 Pro with keypad 2
289 euro for the normal 4 with keypad 2

Oh and if I don’t need the pro for remote acces, I would prefer the normal 4 as it doesn’t have the extra volume that the batterpack adds.

To answer myself. Yes it works like I thought. only thing is I can’t update settings remotely what I’m guessing you can do with the PRO.

Happy with the Nuki, works like I expect it to.

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Hi Roy,
For the integration with smartthings you needed a bridge or it only worked with the non-pro version.

Thank you

No you don’t, see my previous message.