[ST Edge] Driver for NUKI SmartLock

I’ve just released an edge driver for NUKI SmartLock (with bridge) that works locally

Here you will find the instructions to use it, along with my edge channel link:

Should you encounter any problem, please show me the logs taken with the following command:
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat be944045-b215-4aaa-acc0-4ae359a48b4d --hub-address=IP_HUB_SMARTTHINGS


Excellent. I believe Yours is the first community-created edge driver in the lock category. :sunglasses:


Hi Daniele,
I was just searching the internet if nuki was doing anything towards matter, i saw nothing so searched for edge related discussion and I see a fresh thread. thank you for the edge driver. I would appreciate if you moved the link to the driver and the instructions to the post here rather than your website.
I have installed the driver and is yet to test it. will get back to you with feedback.
Update: Tried unlocking the door the door got unlocked but it did not open the door (or say hold the latch). Lock works as intended.
I have a knob/bar type of door. (please check the screenshot attached.

Hello Gokul,

I’ve not specific interest to show my web page (it is empty indeed). It was just because of in this way I can share the driver also on other SmartThings local communities in Facebook (it would be different to format the guide there).

However, your problem is clear to me. I will release soon an update to allow you within the preferences to choose the type of handle in order to send the correct command.

Stay tuned :wink:

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I’ve just published an update to support the bar/knob handle (unlatch instead of unlock)


Thank you, i will test later time of the day, thank you for your quick action. Donated via paypal…

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I tried both settings. They both act the same and do not unlatch my door. With action button in smartthings I can switch between locking and unlocking the door but cannot open it.
As I understand there are 3 actions/states for this door type;
Lock, unlock, open door. (Screenshot included)

@Gokul_Gopakumar I’ve fixed it and published the update. Unfortunately not having a knob/bar door handle I can’t test. However i’m 90% sure now it’s fine!

Please wait the update (12hr usually) and retest (no need to change anything in the settings).

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Thanks for your effort. I dont think one actually need the knob bar type of handle to test it. if the key can hold the latch then should be able to simulate the lock style. however you dont need to change your lock settings, i am your unofficial beta tester for knob bar type lock. :wink:

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Thanks a lot, been waiting for this for quite some time.
The previous integration was working fine, although it sampled the lock state every minute, so felt more consumable and spammed the device history.

If you consider enhancements, I personally needed to control the Auto lock feature (mostly to turn this Off when we have visitors and the kids usually go out and in often), and achieved that through a Virtual device bonded with IFTTT, but it would be nice to dismiss this and control Auto lock straight from the Nuki door device.

Thanks for this driver!
Is it possible to add an action - open the door - when the door is unlocked?

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First of all thank you for your hard work :pray:
It will be work with nuki 3 pro?

I will work in the next days to add more buttons (one for each possible action).

@raz6498635 I unfortunately do not own a NUKI 3 Pro so I don’t know how to integrate and test that device.

I’m trying to contact the NUKI Support in order to see if they can send me a device to improve the integration.

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thanks for the work. Unfortunately not working with NUKI 3, it detects the bridge , but the lock its not appearing after

I use the Nuki 3 and it works fine for me, did you enable the API and discovery settings as in the instructions?

Hi Again,

It would be nice to have 3 buttons/ states for the lock. I mention so because, the knob bar type has three states as in the screenshot I had shared earlier. Unlatch, unlock, lock.
the other type could use Binary states namely lock and unlock.

@Gokul_Gopakumar I agree. It will be done with a custom capability

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Done everything like instructed, still not working, it detects the bridge on ST , ip, port and token set like the bridge, but the lock its still not showing. any sugestions? thanks guys

Please send me (also in private) the logs:

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat be944045-b215-4aaa-acc0-4ae359a48b4d --hub-address=IP_HUB_SMARTTHINGS

Where do i type the command you sent me?

thanks agains

best regards