Connect Bluetooth smartlock to ST? RFID keypad for arm/disarm SHM? (Denmark)

Hi all

I am new to SmartThings and a lot of questions come up when starting this project of installing ST to primarily monitoring our home when we are away (alarm) :slight_smile: I have the ST hub a lot of sensors and a sirene.

Luckily this community is a huge ressource to get many answers.
However I have not found any solution that seems to work on these:

  • I have installed a smartlock for my patio door. The door frame is very narrow, so options for fitting smart locks are very limited. I have installed this from Secuyou that pairs via Bluetooth to my smartphone. When my phone is out of range it will lock the door. But this becomes quite annoying in dayly life - so I was thinking if it is possible to install a zigbee or Z-wave relay/bridge that will be able to pair with the smart lock and connect to SmartThings. Then when I arm SHM it should just break the bluetooth connection, thus locking the smart lock. Is this possible ?

  • I have been searching a lot after a RFID keypad, that can be used to arm/disarm the alarm (easier for the kids and wife than remembering a code or arming using the phone). There are many posts in the community, but it seems that nothing works with the new SmartThings app. I have found this keypad from Develco that look very nice and solid, but it does not seem to be supported by SmartThings - can anybody help here ? have I overlooked a solution ?

Regarding availability and frequencies I am located in Denmark (Europe).

I am sorry if I have asked to many questions in same topic and if my questions are obviously clear - but I have really tried to search to find answers. I hope that you have some inputs for me to get to next step.

Bets regards

Tagging @rboy , who is an expert on both locks and keypads. :sunglasses:

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You’re right that options in EU are little different from those in the US.

Regarding zwave and ZigBee locks in the EU you may want to look at the IDLock 150 and Yale T1L. They both very good locks and work with SmartThings.

Keypad options are little more limited. You can take a look at the Popp keypad which is a Z-zwave keypad and has an integration available for SmartThings, keep in mind that it’s better to use 1.5v lithium batteries for this keypad to improve battery life.

There’s also the Nuki keypad but the integration with ST is still pending an update from Nuki to the combo bridge.

We’ve just completed integrating about 11 devices from frient into SmartThings. There are more in the pipeline including a frient ZigBee keypad. I don’t have an exact ETA for the keypad at this time as we’re still working with SmartThings and frient on the plan but I hope to see this integration available sometime next year.

If you can get your hands on a Xfinity, UEI or Iris ZigBee keypad from ebay it should work very well with SmartThings in EU.

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Thanks for a quick answer. But my issue is that the door frame is very narrow (as shown on the picture, measurement is centimeters). So the locks suggested will not fit. Also it is not a deadlock mechanism…
But is it possible to add some kind of relay/bridge and pair that with the lock ?

Regarding the keypad, it sounds promising that the Develco keypad is in the pipeline. The other keypads you suggest does not include RFID tag option as far as I can see - are there currently no options for that ?

Gotten anywhere with this?

Would be awesome! A patio lock that requires you to carry around your phone is pretty useless in my view.

Unless some kind of auto lock/unlock mechanism can be implemented with hassio.

Check this topic for some more options