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Excessive Battery Usage Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor (24259)

(Rich Heimlich) #12

I’m having a strange version of this. I have a battery notification piston (webcore) that let’s me know the battery state of all devices. In my sunroom I have two of these. One SIPS battery very slowly. The other starts at 100% and by the next day or so is at 1%.

Now here’s the strange part. It can stay at 1% for weeks. I’m wondering if this is different from the above or the same issue and people just didn’t realize it might be the sensor just being horrid at reporting battery life. I only replaced my batteries as I was tired of seeing the 1% alert all the time and assumed it was a bad set. Nope.

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( - Make your home your butler!) #13

It’s more like this, the sensor sends a low battery warning. ST in turns translates a low battery warning as 1% (unfortunately ST specs don’t define what a low battery level is, some devices it’s 25%, others is 10%, it’s very device dependent). So the low battery warning ends up as 1% even though the actual % may be higher. Basically indicating it may be time to change the battery as the next update may not come if the voltage drops too low. Most cases it’ll continue to work. Some cases it may stop working with no warning. Batteries are also notorious, some die quickly without warning (manufacturing detects).

(Rich Heimlich) #14

Thanks. Just completed a product swap with Monoprice before getting this. Hoping the next one is as reliable as the first one.


I am having this issue of battery drain. Every 5 seconds sending status of the battery burns through it. Dead in 2 days. I will contact Monoprice about this. Hopefully I will get a new and non bugged one.
I am glad to read that it’s not just me.

(Nelson) #16

I just installed one yesterday. The manual said something about it by default only sending status when open/closed is triggered, but also being able to set a custom interval to send regular updates. Maybe that “default” is sometimes set differently. I haven’t looked into how to change that value, but it might be worth taking a look.

(Fubka) #17

I had the same problem, thought it was a DH problem but different ones it still reports battery constantly. I also read that the original batteries were garbage but the ones I provided still had the same issue. Going to RMA.

(P.Bradford) #18

Was the problem fixed after you RMA’d the devices. I am having low battery issues with the following sensors.

If anyone has found a fix… please let me know.

( - Make your home your butler!) #19

I would start by resetting the device and then try adding a z-wave repeater close by which can help extend battery life

(P.Bradford) #20

so what you are saying if there is no repeater They will drain the batteries and report 1% every 5 to 10 secs? That seems weird.

Also so fresh batteries should last longer than 2 days.

(P.Bradford) #21

I think I might submit a RMA for mine too.

( - Make your home your butler!) #22

No, that’s excessive. If a reset doesn’t solve it you may need to have it replaced. It should last 6-12 months atleast


I just picked up three of these, and one of them is doing this constant battery reporting that is draining the battery to 20% in one day. The other two seem to be working properly. I re-paired it and rebooted hub. The ST hub is about 10ft from this sensor. I changed the batteries. The problem persists. Is the consensus that this is a defective unit?

( - Make your home your butler!) #24

Two things to try before calling it:

  1. try placing a Z-Wave repeater between the device and the hub (reboot hub and do a Z-Wave repair)
  2. try resetting the device (see manual or first post here)
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Thank you for the advice. I will give that a shot when I get some time tonight to play with it.

The repeater suggestion is very interesting because the other two sensors are next to a GE Z-Wave Plus light switch, and they are working fine. This one is by the hub, and is experiencing this problem.

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I reset the device and tried re-pairing by a repeater instead of the hub. Unfortunately, I have the same issue. I’m going to RMA it. Thanks for your help.

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(Mike Ketterman) #27

I have two that have been working for a while, they say 1%, even with new batteries.


I received the replacement, and the new device is not spamming the battery status event. It must have been defective. I have five of these sensors now, and that RMA’ed one was the only one that was behaving in that manner.

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I have the battery drain problem but I think it’s related to the nonstop “Covering was Removed “ messages. I must have damaged the hood when I was changing out the original battery (which lasted years).

Where is the “tamper sensor” on the device?

( - Make your home your butler!) #31

From the first post here:



Just got two of these and the first set of batteries lasted less than 24 hours. Installed the second set this morning and both are at ~30% already. Same symptoms as everybody else with messages every 5-10 seconds. Going to RMA them since it seems likely that there’s a defective batch floating around